[Video] Smug Heckler Idiots Interrupt Jeb Bush Rally in Iowa

At Bush rally just minutes ago, a pair of very young, very smug, “clever” little jerks interrupted the event by standing up and asking Gov. Bush for fifty dollars for their time.


FTR Radio’s Fingers Malloy was on scene and caught it on video:

If you can’t view the video here, click to see it at Facebook.

Oh, ha ha ha because like Jeb pays for people to show up with those flyers YOU GUYS ARE GENIUSES AND NO ONE EVER THOUGHT OF ANYTHING SO CLEVER.

I can imagine these two obvious millennials cooking up this plan and cracking up because of how unique and new their awesome idea is. HA HA WE’LL SHOW HIM! STARBUCKS AND POKEMON AND CRAFT BEER!

Ugh. I hate hecklers.


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