Don't Be Paranoid. It Doesn't Affect You.

Don’t be paranoid about the Supreme Court making same-sex marriage legal in the United States. Long have opponents warned of a legal slippery slope, but mainly because they are fear-mongers who are full of H8. The fact is, those gay couples getting married doesn’t affect you or your dumb religion in any way at all.



Nobody is going to have to change the way they live, and there won’t be some kind of backlash against Christianity.


Certainly no one’s speech is going to be limited, curtailed, or crushed. America won’t be driving debate from the public square.


And the slippery slope argument is ridiculous and, frankly, homophobic. In this day and age it is actually a cruel attack to make those comparisons, you jerks.



After all, Europe has been way ahead of the United States in making same sex marriage legal and everything is fine there.


OK? So geez, just let it go already.



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