Daily Links - March 26, 2012

Today is March 26th. On this date, in 1827, classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven died in Vienna, Austria. He was, of course, one of history’s greatest composers. (I think my personal Beethoven favorite is probably Moonlight Sonata.) If he were alive today, he would probably say “Hi, I’m Gary Oldman.” Also on this date, in 2000, Vladimir Putin was elected President of Russia, thereby laying the groundwork for the earth-shaking Tumblr that is Uncomfortable Moments With Putin. On the same day in 2000, the Seattle Kingdome was imploded, resulting in this awesome video. As a conservative, I just want to say that explosions, or in this case, implosions, rule. And finally, today is Make Your Own Holiday Day, which is why I’m declaring today International Celebrate Bloggers Day. So pour a bowl of cereal, take off your pants, and go watch some cat videos! Consider this an Open Thread.


Obama to Russia: ‘After My Election I Have More Flexibility’ | Weekly Standard
“President Obama got caught in private conversation with a hot mic today in Seoul, South Korea”

Judges discarded impartiality by signing recall petitions, say journalists who signed recall petitions | Daily Caller
“A Gannett Media executive was red-faced this weekend after nine of her employees were caught doing exactly what their paper had exposed 29 circuit judges for doing: trying to bring down Republican Gov. Scott Walker.”

Deficits do matter | Human Events
“The fact of the matter is that the estimated $15.6 trillion in debt is a hidden tax on future generations. It needs to be attacked.”

House Democrats’ New Spokesman: 9/11 Truther Martin Sheen | Weasel Zippers
“You’d think after the Van Jones fiasco the Dems would think twice about joining forces with a truther, and you’d be wrong.”

Today’s Word of the Day comes via Merriam-Webster.
hebdomadal (heb-DAH-muh-dul): adjective occurring, appearing, or done every week : weekly



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