Daily Links - March 22, 2012

Today is March 22nd. On this date in 1903, the American side of Niagara Falls ran out of water due to drought, says the internet. But slowly the weather turned, and then, step by step, inch by inch, the water came back. Also on this date, in 1978, Karl Wallenda, founder of the flying Wallendas, died while trying to walk a tightrope between two ten story buildings in Puerto Rico. He was 73. The fall was captured by a news crew and was seen around the world. Yet another example of why we need elderly tightrope-walking reform so desperately in this country. And finally, Marcel Marceau was born on this date in 1923. He spent his life fighting the scourge of invisible walls. Marceau once famously said ” “. Food for thought, my friends, food for thought. Consider this an Open Thread.


Va. middle-schoolers assigned opposition research on GOP candidates | Daily Caller
“A Virginia middle school teacher recently forced his students to support President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign by conducting opposition research in class against the Republican presidential candidates.”

29 WI Judges Signed Walker Recall Petitions | New York Post
“Especially outrageous is the fact that one judge never disclosed that he’d signed the petition when he issued a temporary restraining order against one of Walker’s voter-ID bills. Perfectly neutral, huh?”

Mica’s “Amateur Hour” Congressional Freshman | The Shark Tank
“What was most interesting and troublesome to the grassroot leaders- and perhaps a decisive contrast between the grassroots members of Congress and the ‘establishment’ element within the Republican Party- was the statement Congressman Mica made regarding the new members of Congress that were recently ushered in to office in 2010.”

Wasserman Schultz’s Selective Memory | MRCTV
“MRCTV’s Alicia Powe and Katie Yoder confront DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) about her claim that Republicans want to ‘literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws’ by enforcing voter id laws.”


Today’s Word of the Day comes via Merriam-Webster.
oppugn (uh-PYOON): verb 1. to fight against 2. to call in question


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