Daily Links - March 6, 2012

Today is March 6th. On this date in 1981, Walter Kronkite stepped down from the CBS Evening News. He was replaced by Dan Rather. Kronkite was sometimes referred to as “the most trusted man in America” by talking heads around the country. Dan Rather was sometimes referred to as “some crazy old guy wielding a fork, ranting about bread pudding and wearing a robe and slippers” by buffet restaurant owners around the world. Also, on this date in 1426, former Chairman of the Fed Alan Greenspan was born. At the time, Ron Paul could not be reached for comment. And lastly, on this date in 1970, Charles Manson released an album called “Lies” to help pay the legal fees in his murder trial. Critics described it as “stabby.” As always, consider this an Open Thread.


Soros, others set to cash in on Natural Gas Act payday | Human Events
“George Soros and other top contributors to Democrats are one step closer to making millions of dollars off their natural gas investments, thanks to tax breaks and subsidies included in the Natural Gas Act which was filed March 5 as an amendment to the highway bill.”

Does Media Matters Hold Itself To Its Own Standards? | The Right Sphere
“Let’s try a little experiment. Media Matters tweeted this out in some bizarre attempt to make themselves seem like they’re morally superior to ‘the right wing’”

Video: What Should the Highest Tax Rate Be? | Senator Ron Johnson
Watch as the Senator pins down the expert witnesses, who hem and haw about what the maximum rate should be. Except for the last witness, but I won’t spoil it for you.

Chasing Andrew | Daniel Knauf
Strong Language Warning. Probably don’t want to click that link while at work. But it is a fascinating story from behind enemy lines in Hollywood, and a testament to the influence of Andrew Breitbart.


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Today’s Word of the Day comes via Dictionary.com
appertain (ap-er-TEYN): verb To belong as a part, right, possession or attribute.


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