Playoffs Open Thread: Pain and Glory

What a weekend of football this has been so far, with glory and sorrow in equal parts. The painful performance put in last night by Tebow and the Broncos was all the more frustrating for following one of the most exciting post-season games of all time. The New England Patriots, history’s greatest monsters, took the Broncos to the woodshed and beat them about the head, neck, chest, shoulders and arms. Afterward, the Pats took to the streets to burn down the Broncos’ homes, steal their cars, and ritualistically burn them in effigy, before at last settling down for a meal comprised mainly of kittens.


Contrast that with the 49ers victory over the villainous Saints, a game that saw the lead change four times in the final three or so minutes. It was a painful loss for Drew Brees, one hopes. I can picture him now, somewhere on Bourbon street, drinking a Drew Brees (which comes with a lovely little umbrella) and muttering “who dat” hopefully to passers-by.

Today, the Texans take on the Ravens, and Giants v. Packers make us face that eternal question: which really is the lesser of two evils? Post your predictions in the comments if you dare. And in this great land of freedom and football, never forget: if your team doesn’t make the grade, this was a rebuilding year!



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