Daily Links - January 9, 2012

Today is the 9th of January. On this day in 1968, NASA’s last unmanned lunar probe touched down on the moon. Since then, the only other lunar explorer to tread that celestial surface was Elvis Presley, who was setting up a birthday party for Tupac last year. (Party was cancelled on account of brain spiders.)* Anyway, a linking we shall go!


*Source: The Ron Paul Newsletter

Chris Christie Versus “Occupy” Hecklers | Human Events
“You will never see a human being relish confrontation as much as Christie does when he replies, ‘Really?’ In fact, you don’t normally see this level of appetite for conflict outside of Klingon mating rituals.

HalloweenGate: White House Covered Up 2009 Halloween Party | Verum Serum
“I know this may be one of the most ridiculous White House cover-ups of all time, but there is no question they tried to hide this from the public and are continuing to lie about it.”
Update: Good take on this from Dana Loesch at Big Journalism.

Romney Kindly Provides DNC With Soundbite | NRO
The obligatory link. Context matters, and this link has it. Still though … poor choice of words.

Occupy DC prepares for massive January rally | The Examiner
“They don’t plan to obtain a permit to march in the streets or to gather in McPherson Square, where Occupiers have camped without a permit for more than three months. ‘When we do march in the street, our intent is largely civil disobedience. People will be arrested, and a permit doesn’t really help'”


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