Open Thread: Maybe You Misspoke ... Again

I believe that’s what you call a “smack down.” For those who can’t watch the clip, the relevant portion is below the fold, via The Washington Times. h/t The Right Scoop.



Linda McMahon to Dick Blumenthal:

“Maybe you just misspoke again when you talked about the criminal investigation like time you talked about serving in Vietnam, like the time you talked about you were not going to Vancouver for the trial lawyers for the fundraisers, like the time when even after you apologized for Vietnam then you mischaracterized again your draft status relative to your draft number and your reasons for joining the Marines, so I just want to say given how you misspeak and mischaracterize WWE from a standpoint of a criminal investigation, you did do that, you didn’t just do that on Monday night. You also did it on another occasion as well. I actually think, sir, it would be criminal for the United States Attorney to accuse a company of criminal activity and then to state that it was outside your jurisdiction.”



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