The Angry Mob (UPDATED)

Update: The video, which showed a counter-protester attacking a tea partier and his wife, has been removed from YouTube. Wonder who complained. And on what grounds.


Via Ed Morrissey, and to expand on Brian Simpson’s remarks:

Those darn teapartiers sure are scary and violent. Yet another example of the media double standards on violence at protests. See also here, here, here, here, here, here, … well we could do this all day couldn’t we? One thing is certain, if the roles were reversed in this video MSNBC would be hosting panels all day about how the violent racist tea party movement is a powderkeg of violence.

Actually, we may hear that anyway. After all, if those folks hadn’t been protesting government spending that counter-protester wouldn’t have needed to teach them a lesson right? It’s provocation is what it is.


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