SUSA CA Senate Poll *Update for clarification*

Although the big news has been that Poizner is now within striking distance of Meg Whitman in the CA Gov Republican Primary, I am going to focus on the CA Senate race poll results via SUSA.


As I pointed out here (also at my blog), and is now confirmed by SUSA, Chuck DeVore has jumped 5 points in the polls. This positive movement for Chuck DeVore is contrary to the negative movement of Campbell and Fiorina in the 18-49 demographic*, 5 and 10 point drops respectively.

This movement, both positive and negative, is a sign of the fluidity and indecision still existing in this race. This is buttressed by the 23% who are still undecided.

The Republican primary voters of CA, who identified as 62% conservative, are watching and waiting for the choice to step forward. This weekend, while this poll was being taken, I believe that leader took a large step forward.

Chuck DeVore is the proven consevative that is needed for California, from the Delta Smelt to Illegal Immigration, Chuck DeVore gets it.

The key take away for the SUSA poll of the CA Senate Republican primary is that Chuck DeVore is trending up while Campbell and Fiorina have a loss of 15 points combined.

Aaron B. Gardner

Crossposted to my blog.

* Added for clarification after posting.


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