This Year in Pride Month: Bathrooms, Brawls, and Bad Choices

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Well, we've survived another Pride Month.

Like many of you readers, I've always been a bit baffled as to why the various groups that fall under "Pride Month" get a whole month to demand we not only accept but glorify their choices of bed partners, a choice which most people view as nobody else's damn business, while us veterans, working folks, and so forth only get a day each; but the powers-that-be, to grease that squeaky wheel, have determined that it will be so, and so here we are. We're coming off a month of parades, ever-changing queer pride flags being flown over government buildings, and a cavalcade of drama surrounding the whole thing.

The left, of course, has been all-in on greasing that wheel, to the point where even leftist feminists (but I repeat myself) insist on allowing "transgender women" — in other words, dudes — into women's bathrooms and locker rooms.

In 1972, two women founded what would eventually be named the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) to fight "for the passage and full implementation of Title IX." In particular, they cared about opportunities for women in sports, where inequalities between women and men were "most obvious." My, how the times have changed!  

NWLC recently filed a brief to defend men in women’s sports that goes beyond confusing — it’s alarming to the point of comedy.  

That's typical of the left's demands on this topic: men in women's sports, men in women's locker rooms, and so on. But this year, during the just-concluded Pride Month, there was something new: It turns out that the Democrat Party's love affair with the LGBTQ+ folks has made some other people on the far left unhappy.

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Biden Administration Threatens to Veto GOP Defense Bill Over Lack of DEI and LGBT Friendliness

There is another squeaky wheel on the left, as it happens. That wheel is the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas, and, yes, antisemitic wing of the party, who have their own set of demands on the Democratic Party — and never the twain shall meet, it seems, at least not without a massive brawl breaking out. And it's not just here in the United States, either.

In New York, on Sunday — the last day of Pride Month — multiple brawls broke out, although, in all fairness, it's not clear if any of the pro-Hamas protesters were present or if this was just an unprovoked descent into chaos.

Multiple brawls and wild chaos engulfed Washington Square Park in the aftermath of New York City’s Pride Parade Sunday as police battled to control the unruly mob of revelers, shocking footage shows.

Video from the jaw-dropping scene showed fistfights and hair-pulling as several troublemakers turned the crowded park into their own personal boxing ring while herds of onlookers watched with glee and even whipped out their phones to record the showdowns in Lower Manhattan.

At one point, two young men threw haymakers at each other before one took a tumble to the ground. Seconds later, two women briefly took swings at each other while a couple bystanders attempted to break up that kerfuffle, a clip shows.

But other events were indeed disrupted by the anti-Israel elements, who are, to put it mildly, not enamored of the Pride folks' agenda.

Anti-Israel protesters disrupted and blockaded pride parades on Sunday at the end of Pride Month, professing that there would be “no queer liberation without Palestinian liberation.”

New York police broke up one protest and arrested ten individuals, seven of whom the New York Police Department issued with criminal subpoenas. Protesters threw red paint to symbolize blood on passing cars, chanted, “free, free Palestine,” and shouted “over 40,000 dead” in reference to Hamas’s unverified death toll. Protesters also vandalized pride floats and said that there is “no pride with genocide.”

“Anti-Israel activists made an appearance in the NYC Pride Parade to signal solidarity with Hamas,” Rep. Ritchie Torres (D., N.Y.) said on X. “There is but one problem with Queers for Hamas: the love is not mutual. There is no Hamas for Queers. Hamas would never be caught dead in a gay pride parade because it wants gay people dead. Queers for Hamas has not yet gotten the memo. Maybe one day it will. Useful idiocy can be outgrown.”

Useful idiocy, I would point out, cannot be outgrown as long as it is useful. Among the more ridiculous of these idiots, though, are the "Queers for Palestine" marchers; these people have cognitive dissonance that registers on the Richter scale, seemingly not understanding that they are casting their activist lot with people who would cheerfully toss them off the roofs of apartment buildings in Gaza or Tehran.

While it's mildly entertaining to see these two utterly irreconcilable factions tearing the political left apart to the point where there is literal fighting in the streets — and in any such brawl, my money's on the pro-Hamas side, as the members of that group look to be distinctly healthier and more robust than the LGBTQ+ folks — there are larger implications for the left and for the American Democrats. This Pride Month, more than anything else, has exposed a rift that threatens the national prominence of the Democratic Party as a force in politics, and it's hard to see how they can work their way out of it.

Looking at the national political scene, a couple of things are obvious: 

  1. The Democrats, to win a presidential election, rely on heavily urban districts to flip swing states — like, say, Dearborn, Michigan, or Atlanta, Georgia. Some of those jurisdictions contain a lot of immigrants from majority-Muslim nations. Others have a large population of LGBTQ+ people and their supporters.
  2. Any policy proposals that appeal to one of these groups will offend and distance the other.

The fact that brawls ensue whenever these factions encounter each other speaks volumes. Sooner or later, the Democrats are going to have to hammer some square pegs into some round holes; in so doing, they will alienate either the pro-Hamas left or what there are among the LGBTQ+ left that realize that the pro-Hamas left would see the LGBTQ+ left tossed off buildings had they their druthers.

That might spell a generation or two in the wilderness for the Democrats. It may fracture the party beyond repair. And then the question becomes, what party will arise to take the Democrats' place as the primary opposition to the Republicans? The Libertarians? The Greens?

It's going to be interesting and, likely, entertaining to see how the Democrats deal with this. Meanwhile, expect the street brawls between LGBTQ+ and pro-Hamas factions to continue.

This seems appropriate.




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