2024, Joe Biden, and Catastrophic Failures

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If the Democratic Party is smart, they'll already be looking for ways to ease old Joe Biden out the door. President Biden grows more befuddled by the day, his (handlers') economic policies are a disaster, the southern border is an open wound, and he spends more time on the beach in Rehoboth than doing any actual work. But of all that, it may be the combination of the Israel-Hamas war and that southern border that does him in at last.


The question is not whether Joe Biden will drop out of the 2024 White House race, but when? At least, so believe a growing number of observers as various negative and campaign-damaging “straws” pile up on the president’s already fragile political back.

At a certain point — arguably, any week now — these negative issues will become completely untenable to the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Party, the Democratic powerbrokers behind the scenes, and even for many in the liberal media who appear to have been trying to protect Biden since he first ran against then-President Donald Trump in 2020.

Leaving aside the growing concerns about Biden’s age (he will turn 82 after the November 2024 election) and his perceived cognitive issues, the brutal attack on Israel by Hamas — which triggered ugly demonstrations at a number of U.S. colleges and in cities here and across the world — has shocked many into suddenly remembering or realizing that we live in a dangerous world where quality of life can be taken away in a flash.

Not just quality of life, mind you, but life itself. We're already seeing rioting in the streets of our major cities and in major cities elsewhere in the world, and now a Jewish man is dead, killed by a pro-Hamas demonstrator. It would be great to think that he will be the last, but he probably won't be. In France, another Jewish person, this time a woman, was stabbed, but fortunately, she survived.


Meanwhile, the southern border is wide open.

Biden's own army of TikTok "influencers" is mutinying over his stated support for Israel, a democratic nation fighting against vicious Bronze Age barbarians.

Biden appears to be more concerned with dealing with the various social contagions, paranoias, and mental issues among some of his nuttier constituents than he is dealing with the sudden rampant hatred for the Jewish people that seems to be cropping up everywhere.

Worse, the President grows more confused and more befuddled by the day. Never an honest man nor a particularly intelligent one, he is now falling apart. The House Oversight Committee seems to be moving with the speed of a glacier on a particularly lazy day, but they are moving, and the President and his family's corruption comes more to light by the moment.

Meanwhile, the southern border is wide open. And that may be Joe Biden's biggest liability.

As reported by Real Clear Investigations and others, hundreds of people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list almost certainly have slipped into the United States amid millions of other illegal migrants during the past three years, according to former federal officials and experts.

Imagine if a major terror attack (perish the thought, but one can't help but admit the possibility) happens here, in one of our major cities. Imagine an attack like the one carried out by Hamas against Israel on October 7th. And imagine if it is determined that the attackers infiltrated across that wide-open southern border. There won't be an electoral or campaign strategy in the world that could save Joe Biden or his understudy.


Ay, and that's the rub: They can't have Kamala Harris, she of the grating cackle, leading the ticket either. It will have to be someone new — and Kamala, like old Joe, will have to be put out to pasture.


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