China, Biology, Illegal Labs and the Coming Conflict With the US

Shawn Lockhart/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via AP, File

I was educated in Biology – and also in soldiering. That’s why the recent story on the illegal lab in California makes me nervous.

First, some background. Back in 1990-1991, I was a member of General Schwarzkopf’s Traveling Road Show, the Highway of Death Tour. We kicked some and took some, but the one thing all of us were grateful for is that the whole thing was pretty conventional. We had been briefed on Iraq’s chemical and biological capabilities, and that information was not encouraging. At the time I was an Army First Lieutenant, Headquarters Platoon Leader in a medical company, and one of my platoon NCOs was our NBC specialist – NBC being “Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare.” He was the one responsible for soaking up the Army’s intel on Iraq’s capabilities and training the company on them.

The author in Iraq,1991. Credit: Ward Clark.

Iraq was known to have had at least three types of bio-weapon: those being anthrax, botulinum toxin, and aflatoxin. But Iraq isn’t the best field for bio-weapons, as most biological agents don’t do well in hot, dry environments, Iraq really didn’t have good delivery systems, and the coalition forces had pretty good NBC gear and training. Also, of the three we knew of, only anthrax is a pathogen, capable of infection and spread by contact. So, those agents were not used.

As I had been educated in biology, though, I have always found biological agents to be more frightening than the other two. Why? Nukes and gas, once deployed, gradually fade away. Biological agents do not; they self-replicate, they infect, they expand, and if one is actually engineered, they can be pretty robust and spread very widely in a short amount of time.

Which brings us to today. Or, actually, Friday, and Susie Moore’s piece. She wrote:

Additionally, one wonders: Who or what is Prestige Biotech? And what was their ultimate aim? Were they selling counterfeit COVID tests (and/or pregnancy tests)? A search brings up the following basic information on the company:

PRESTIGE BIOTECH INC is a Nevada Domestic Corporation filed on April 3, 2019. The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is E0153542019-3.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Barry Zhang Cpa & Associates LLC and is located at 3528 Wynn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103.

The company has 2 contacts on record. The contacts are Xiuqin Yao from Las Vegas NV and Zhaolin Wang from Las Vegas NV.

However, there’s not a lot more to go on. Of course, the ultimate question is: Was this the only such facility they were operating?

We know a few things:

  • That the COVID-19 virus originated in China, in the same city where there is a major biological research laboratory; it staggers belief that this is just a coincidence.
  • That Prestige Biotech’s corporate officers have Chinese names.
  • That the FDA has no pharma or biologics registrations for Prestige Biotech. Also, there is no information on the names listed above.
  • Prestige Biotech was working with the COVID virus, along with several other pathogens.

Susie Moore quoted the local news reporting:

“Through their statements that they were doing some testing on laboratory mice that would help them support, developing the COVID test kits that they had on-site,” Prado said.

Health officials discovered nearly 1,000 lab mice, 200 of which were already dead.

Also found were thousands of vials, many of which contained biohazardous materials including human blood, and other unknown substances.

“A lot of these labels have been removed from bottles so there was only so much testing. We could do those chemicals,” Prado continued.

As stated, I was trained as a biologist. I’ll qualify that; my education was not microbiology, although I did work in a micro lab for a year or so. My education was in field zoology and behavior. I have not worked in the field in decades. But I maintain my interest in biology, in current research, and have, for the past 30 years, worked with medical manufacturing companies, mostly in devices but some in biologics. Those are my bona fides, and I will say this: Were I to set up a quick, down-and-dirty lab to grow pathogens, do some elementary development, refine them, and eventually come up with a usable bio-weapon, that lab would look a lot like this. They have not only equipment but mice, which would be useful in testing pathogens, and a wide variety of biological agents:

…According to court documents officials with the Centers for Disease Control tested what they could and determined that at least 20 potentially infectious viral, bacterial, and parasitic agents were present including E. Coli, malaria, and even COVID.

“I think because of that swift action that was taken we had been able to maintain public safety this entire time,” Prado explained.

If saying this is all a little fishy isn’t the understatement of the year, it will do until a better one comes along.

Now, look at the bigger picture, and you can see how “Prestige Biotech” might fit in: There are a record-breaking number of Chinese nationals entering illegally through our porous southern border. China is increasingly flexing its muscles in the Pacific. China is dealing with increasingly desperate economic and demographic crises, while still dialing its military in, and being increasingly belligerent towards the US. This is not a recipe for stability, for China, for the Pacific Rim, or for the United States. And if the very thought of biological weapons doesn’t scare the kapok right out of you, it should. These self-replicating, self-dispersing agents have the capability to kill millions or even billions.

And now we have an apparently Chinese-owned, illegal, unregistered biological laboratory set up in the United States. Coincidence? You decide.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece was edited post-publication to properly reflect the location of the illegal lab as California, not Nevada. We regret the error.)



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