The Decline and Fall of Joe Biden

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It’s apparent to anyone who has been paying attention for the last few months that President Biden is failing and that his failure is accelerating. It’s to the point now where partisanship should be set aside and ordinary human decency should set in; the man is clearly not up to the job, his tendency to make odd, off-topic remarks increases by the day, and one has to wonder who is really pushing him to stay in office. He has spent 40 percent of his Presidency doing nothing, and he’s still failing.

Things have gotten serious enough that The Hill’s Douglas MacKinnon is pushing President Biden to drop out of the 2024 race, and the sooner the better.

Like a magician setting up a trick in one hand while distracting the audience with the other, the Biden White House and its allies are desperately trying to distract the attention of the American people from President Biden’s age, his obvious frailty and his increasing verbal and mental gaffes.

It has now gotten to the point where I have had a number of Democrats — including staunch supporters of the president — tell me it makes them “nervous,” “uncomfortable,” “sad” or gives them a feeling of “foreboding” anytime they watch President Biden speak in public, interact with guests or walk up or down the stairs to Air Force One.

I hesitate to give any advice to the Democrats that might help them retain the White House in 2024, but MacKinnon does not:

If Biden does drop out of the race, will he wait too long to do so? And, should that be the case, will Vice President Kamala Harris — whom few Democrats truly have confidence in — get crushed in the general election by the Republican nominee?

Timing is often as important as strategy. (President Lyndon) Johnson waited until the last day of March 1968 to drop out. If Biden dropped out now, he would give potential candidates like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg or even Michelle Obama an extra nine months to prepare for November 2024.

Honestly, that’s a pretty bad list of candidates. Like Mr. MacKinnon, I think Kamala Harris would be crushed by anyone the GOP ran. Governor Newsom? He’s popular in California. Well, he’s popular in the big coastal cities in California, but I don’t see him making it in a nationwide contest. Only last evening, I was speaking with a friend who lives up around Redding, in the “State of Jefferson” portion of California, and he maintains Newsom isn’t so popular there. I doubt Newsom’s schtick would play well in the hinterlands. Pete Buttigieg? Well, he might not be as weak a candidate as Kamala Harris. Maybe. Then again, he might be. And I really doubt Michelle Obama wants the job, as it would mean giving up her jet-setting around the world, not to mention long vacations touring the Greek islands. (Imagine that carbon footprint!)

Back to President Biden.

Ad for Alzheimer’s drug Leqembi. (Credit: Eisai)

I do agree that Joe Biden should withdraw, not only from the 2024 campaign but, frankly, from the Presidency. It’s abundantly clear that he’s not fit for office, and it seems more evidence of the Biden family’s corrupt business dealings surfaces by the day. That means, of course, elevating Kamala Harris to the top spot, which would be (at best) embarrassing. But we as Americans should be accustomed to being embarrassed by our elected officials by now. And being embarrassed at keeping a President seated at the Resolute Desk when he’s clearly failing mentally and physically is worse than being embarrassed at the elevation of a diversity-hire VP who is a walking embodiment of the Peter Principle.

Dr. Ben Carson has some thoughts on the matter as well.

The United States has become “sort of a laughingstock” because of President Joe Biden’s increasing gaffes, and it’s becoming a matter of national security, Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and former Housing and Urban Development secretary, said on Newsmax Saturday.

“I talk to a lot of people in other countries, and everybody knows that this is not normal,” Carson, who served in former President Donald Trump’s administration, told Newsmax’s “The Count.” “People do age and have some declines, but this is beyond that.”

Ordinary human decency is one thing, but national security is quite another, and in this Dr. Carson makes a good point. This is a man that is ostensibly the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military, he has his finger on the nuclear button, and he’s losing it. Day by day he is growing visibly worse. We are at the point where his continued presence in the Oval Office is not just embarrassing, it’s dangerous.

President Biden should either resign or be removed via the 25th Amendment. Enough is enough.


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