Biden Makes Eyebrow Raising Comment About Sounds He Heard Coming From His Parents' Bedroom

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My colleague Bonchie wrote earlier about Joe Biden’s battle with the teleprompter, the podium, and the truth on Thursday.

Unfortunately, Friday was a new day—and a new set of problems for Biden. He was delivering remarks about lowering costs for Americans. That was just wrong to start, since so many costs have gone up under Biden. So, if he was trying to sell us on what he’s done, he doesn’t have a lot of credibility.


Once he started speaking, he had another problem. When Biden leaned into the mic to speak, he somehow set it off, as it started making a weird feedback noise.

Warning for noise:

Biden then apologized for it. At this point, one would almost think this was a comedy routine, with all this stuff. It would be funny, except that it’s part of a continuing problem of coherence and competence from Biden that we keep seeing, day after day.

Biden once again continued to say things that are at odds with the facts. He claimed he “created” 13 million new jobs. People going back to work after the pandemic isn’t him “creating” jobs. He also repeated that he’s “lowered the deficit $1.7 trillion in the first two years,” something that he got a “bottomless Pinocchio” for from the Washington Post.

He also did that weird whispering thing again that he does.


But this clip was the winner for his strangest comment of the day, I think, by far. It’s hard to know what Joe is talking about sometimes, and it’s not even clear that he knows what he’s saying. But in this case, it sure sounds like he’s talking about listening through a closet to his parents having sex.

He started off talking about how he slept in a room with bunk beds with his two brothers, Jim and Frank. Then his sister, “the princess,” had her own room—“as she should have.” He said there was a closet in the hallway, and that his parent’s headboard was against the back of where that closet was. “So every once in a while…you could hear…you could hear…a sort of restlessness going on.”

Why is this man talking about his parents’ headboard? Is he talking about them having sex? And listening in on your parents is gross. Talking about it is weird. Why would he bring it up in such remarks, and even include it in what he said?


Now, Jill Biden and his family could make this all stop if they would just pull him out of the race and let him retire, as he should have in 2020. But here we still are, getting closer to the election, with scandal after scandal popping off, with his team not knowing how to deal with anything and giving us gas on something as simple as where a baggie of cocaine was found. It all flows down from the top, and that’s why the administration is in such complete confusion. You can’t run a coherent administration, when the guy at the top has so many problems.


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