This day. This moment.

If you don’t know how RedState started seven years ago, here’s the story. It’s a tale of a few guys with a few dollars and a few basic principles who got together and started something small.


In the fullness of time, that something small became something big. The cast of characters changed, too: the original three co-founders are now off doing many other things. I was the first to depart, and the others, like MacArthur’s old soldiers, faded away. When I met South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley this evening, I told her I was the fellow who had the idea that became RedState. She gave me a quizzical look, and I said, “Don’t worry — the only guy you need to know is Erick. He’s in charge.” That’s true, and I believe that encapsulates many of the reasons for RedState’s success.

Today, this success demonstrates itself in full. If you’re reading this, you likely know why. If you don’t know why — well, just turn on CNN, or Fox News, or C-SPAN at 1pm Eastern and have a seat. Anonymous Hill staffers may not think RedState matters — but about an hour after you start watching that television, all of America will know just how much it does.


If you’ve been here fighting the fight since the beginning, this moment is yours. If you’ve been here fighting the fight since a year past, the moment is yours. If you’ve been here fighting the fight for the first time today — this moment is yours. As St John Chrysostom said in a different context, all are welcome at any time on this, the front line of the political and intellectual battle for America.

Something big goes down today. It happens at RedState because RedState matters. It matters because of you. But also …. it matters because a few guys got together for cheap burgers seven years ago and shared a dream.

Now, then. Get ready.


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