Duke Over America, WAAM Radio Edition #249 - Sunday, October 22nd, 2023

"Duke Over America," WAAM Radio Editon #249, heard originally on Sunday, October 22nd, 2023, has your host talking about these things. 

Former GOP candidate for Governor, Ryan Kelly was given 60 days in jail for WHAT? Duke goes over what a bunch of BS this is. 


Also, Townhall contributor Kurt Schlichter stops in to talk about the open border -- and why the Speaker of the House race is kinda funny.

Stories talked about in this episode:

The Writing Is on the Wall: America Likely to Be Hit Because of the Invasion From Mexico

Where Has Matt Gaetz Gone Since His Motion to Vacate the Chair?

Former Republican Candidate for Michigan Governor Gets 60 Days in Jail for Jan. 6 Activity

My FULL INTERVIEW With Kurt Schlichter can be found here.

So sit back, have a cool beverage, and listen to Duke Over America to start off your day.



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