We Are Experiencing a Modern Day Camp Lejeune in East Palestine, Ohio

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I wanted to start off this article by saying something like HEY, DO YOU KNOW THOSE ANNOYING Camp Lejeune COMMERCIALS? and roll into a smart @#$ comment, but after staring at the text, I thought better of it.



Well, if you live in the United States of America today, chances are you know about Camp Lejeune. You also have seen so many commercials pleading with individuals who may have been stationed there before the late ’80s to contact legal counsel, you possibly could be annoyed.

I know I have been. A bit.

We do a lot of good things in the United States of America, and I could write two or three posts on just some of those basic things. Yet, we also do some pretty short-sighted things here, and one of those is saying we support the troops but then pretty much forget about them as we all go on with our daily lives. We leave off making sure that the troops are okay and expect our politicians and the people that they entrust to make sure it is done right.

So for the past couple of years, if we all sometimes get annoyed at seeing so many of these commercials, at least I’m going to zip it. The reason why is that it’s a reminder that those who serve us are sometimes treated badly while serving this country; my making a joke about it at the beginning would not be the best route to start, in my ever-so-humble opinion.

When one of those commercials came on the other day, I stopped to watch the representative for whatever Law Firm making his case to those people who were affected to file for benefits. I had just moments before read a story about the transportation secretary of the Biden Administration, Pete Buttigieg finally showing up to East Palestine almost three weeks after the train derailed and the chemicals were burned off.


The light went off in my head; we are going to see commercials about this in the not-too-distant future because this is a colossal screw-up.

On the really odd chance you have, no idea what I’m talking about in Ohio here are some articles here from my colleagues at RedState to catch you up to speed.

The inherent nature of government in a crisis whether it be federal, state, or local is to pause, assess, pause some more, hold a conference call, and possibly roll into action. That process means that the rolling into action part can take days, weeks, and sometimes months. This is why you see private organizations like the Red Cross get into natural and man-made disaster areas much quicker than their government counterparts.

In the situation of the train derailment, the assessment was made that instead of dealing with the volatile liquid in its solid form, it was safer to burn off those chemicals and release them into the air. The end result of this has been the aftermath of mounting concerns and very few answers to deliver to those affected. I have no doubt it will take years for studies to be able to conclude in any way, shape, or form what the true effect of this burn-off was.


When Congress passed the H.R.2192, the “Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2021,” it was the culmination of years of lobbying and foot-dragging. In the time that it took to pass, people who were poisoned suffered.

Unfortunately, it seems we drag our feet a bit too much as a country on these matters, and it needs to be streamlined sooner rather than later. Those who are affected whether by serving our nation’s military, 911 first responders, or East Palestine, Ohio, residents get the help without even asking when it is not the fault of their own.

I would rather not see any more 24/7 365 commercials akin to Camp LeJeune ever again.

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