'The View' Turns Pure Evil With Disgusting Attack on Residents of East Palestine

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While the residents of East Palestine, OH, are still dealing with the aftermath of an ecological disaster they had no part in creating, the political battle over the incident continues apace.


Pete Buttigieg, who completely ignored the derailment for ten days, finally visited the small town on Thursday. That only came after Donald Trump made a trip to bring water and supplies, putting the Biden administration on the hot seat. Meanwhile, the blame game has started, with the White House claiming that it was Republicans who were responsible for a train accident…two years after Biden took office.

But leave it to the ladies at “The View” to somehow find a lower level to stoop to. In a rant that I can only describe as pure evil, Joy Behar decided to blame the residents of East Palestine for the toxic cloud of chloride that engulfed their homes. Why? Because they voted for Donald Trump. It’s all about the bad orange man.

How disgusting of a human being do you have to be to attack people in the midst of their suffering that way? I guess you’d have to ask Behar since that’s what she did. But what makes it worse is that nothing she says holds any relevance to the derailment in East Palestine. None of the regulations in question, including the much-talked-about braking rules for Class 3 materials, played a role.


As RedState reported, this crash was not caused by bad brakes. In fact, according to the NTSB report, the dynamic braking system didn’t even engage until after the initial derailment. Further, as I explained in an early debunking, chloride is not a Class 3 material, which means the regulation wouldn’t have applied anyway.

Behar apparently thinks the residents of East Palestine deserved what they got, though, for no other reason than their preference for president. Imagine being that much of a deranged partisan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unbiased in my political commentary, but when things get serious and people are suffering, I do my best to put that stuff aside. Certainly, I don’t outright lie to launch a gross attack that isn’t even factual or relevant.

“The View” is a property of ABC News. There are supposed to be some basic standards in place despite it being a discussion forum. Is it really too much to ask for women around that table to do basic research before popping off? Better yet, is it really too much to ask for them to show some basic human decency? When people tell you who they are, believe them.


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