The Biden Clan Wants Him to Run Again - But Can He Really?

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Joe Biden is on vacation and I’m sure having the time of his life. I truly hope someone will remind him how much fun he is having and also that he should put his pants on before going into public. Good thing Dr. Jill is with him to help with all of that.

The 46th President of the United States is currently in St. Croix enjoying some well-deserved time off at a beachfront property where he can relax and pretend that he is still calling all the shots and that world leaders value his insight. My colleague Nick Arama covered the latest Biden getaway here.

A brief passage from that post about what Biden is ignoring…

In addition to the border crisis, we’re also in the middle of severe winter weather over most of the country that has resulted in all kinds of problems – from cancellation of flights to looting in Buffalo – but Biden is off to the warm climes of the islands. He doesn’t have to face cancellations like everyone else because he has Air Force One. Why should he care about all those things that are troubling all of us, when he wants to go to the islands? Hey, he got the horrible omnibus bill signed that the Democrats wanted to meet their agenda items and that will give a ton of our money to Ukraine. So why should he care about solving any of the problems that are afflicting the country, many of which he caused, and which are likely to get worse because of that bill?

Far be it from me to begrudge time out of Washington D.C. for any chief executive of the United States of America. I never thought the criticism of Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, or Trump for taking time off was right. I also don’t look at any of the times that Clinton, Obama, or Biden took off in a severe light either in the same way the mainstream press does only with Republicans. I try to be consistent so I don’t come off as Jim Acosta and act smug while being a helpless dufus.

However, Nick does have a super valid point with the criticism of what Biden is leaving behind to go tan his legs and reminisce about how bad of a dude Corn Pop was. We have a horrible humanitarian crisis at the southern border and he skips off to enjoy ice cream on a Caribbean island. I covered a possible solution to the problem at the border to get Biden and his folks at 1600 Pennsylvania to actually do something.

However, we now find out that President Biden is not down in the Caribbean just enjoying the sun and the waves but it is a super secret meeting of his family on whether or not he should run for reelection in 2024. I’m sure this meeting had to take place outside of the White House seeing as the President now thinks people are spying on him.

According to CNN, it seems that the ‘Big Guy’ has gotten the blessing of Hunter and crew to keep the Oval Office gig.

The first couple arrived in St. Croix on Tuesday, along with family members, a gathering of the tight-knit clan who, according to several people with knowledge of recent conversations who have spoken to CNN, have now pledged support for another White House run by Biden. Senior administration officials once viewed this week’s tropical escape as a crucial juncture that would play a major part in deciding his political future, and – while the president does still plan to mull with his family the pros and cons of mounting a reelection bid – people who have discussed the matter with him lately say the decision is essentially made.

A tight-knit clan that allowed someone to leak that Scranton Joe has been given the green light to fall off a political bike in 2024?


No one in official Washington D.C. that is in a position of power on the Democrat’s side thinks Joe Biden is running for reelection in 2024. Oh sure, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are going to make a great show of it and say he’s doing a great job and that he should run again, but that’s for the public. Those two and many others who have known Joe Biden for some 40-some-odd years know he is slipping and it is only going to get worse.

In fact, this CYA piece was run back in Politico last month to alleviate any fears that Gavin Newsom was running. Those rumors flared up after Newsom met with Biden chief of staff Ron Klain this past summer while Joe was out of town. With POTUS falling up the stairs on Air Force One and falling off bikes along with record high inflation and a number of other factors, who could blame others looking to run for the Dems’ nod?

If the GOP nominates a candidate like DeSantis and Biden is still the standard bearer for the party of the donkey, that election would be called two days before the end of October for the Republicans and every insider in D.C. knows that.

So enjoy your time in the sun, Mr. Presdient, and relax and think of all the good times in Scranton back in the day. Your time as an elected official I’m sure was fun and if you could remember it I know you would laugh.

The country though is not going to remember any of this fondly.


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