The Invasion at the U.S.-Mexico Border Will Not Be Televised, but It Should Be

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I’m going to guess that most of the readers here at RedState have heard of a li’l thing called Title 42, in regard to illegal immigrants crossing the United States and Mexico border. If you have not, here is a brief update on what just happened in the past week with that policy, from my colleague Susie Moore, who wrote this: BREAKING: SCOTUS Places Temporary Hold on Lifting of Title 42.


I’m also going to place a bet that the vast majority of folks here reading this site caught the story about how Texas Governor Greg Abbott once again bussed some illegals out of his state and sent them to the Veep’s home in D.C. a couple of days ago: Libs Lose It After Illegal Immigrants Are Dropped at Kamala Harris’ Doorstep, and I’ve Got Thoughts.

So, I think it is safe to say that those of us who actually read the pages here at RedState – and generally deal with common sense and logic – also know that the southern border is a mess and has become more of a disaster since January 20, 2021.

For the progressives that check in here on occasion, the date above was when Scranton Joe raised his right hand and forgot immediately what he was doing.

The people who are actually concerned about this massive, humanitarian crisis that is happening in the United States of America have come up with a number of ideas on how to solve it. These range from going back to the Trump-era policy of catching those crossing illegally and sending them directly back to Mexico, and also putting massive barriers like empty metal containers, to make it harder for people to enter the country.

Yet, so far, the mainstream media has refused to cover this thoroughly, and the problem continues to get larger by the day. Depending on what happens with Title 42, the floodgates could possibly open wider, to what some experts have said would be a flood of people entering illegally that this country has never seen. When you think about it, that would be pretty incredible, being we’re seeing a crisis in the making, each and every day, currently.


However, other than Fox News and recently some airtime on CNN, and maybe MSNBC for a second, this is not being covered the way that it really should be.

The mainstream media of course does not want to actually let the American public know what’s going on down there because they would be horrified; and our leftist media minders could not virtue signal about how much they care. Most of the people in the White House Press Corps are more interested in propping up Joe Biden than in actually reporting what his administration is allowing down in Texas, Arizona, and Southern California.

So, what can be done to help get the public aware and move the Biden people to do something?

Two weeks ago, Texas Representative Tony Gonzales did some taping of a Border Patrol Central Processing Center in El Paso, TX, and the video was pretty disturbing.

The media is not allowed in these centers to do any taping; Congressional members are highly encouraged not to do this either.

Yet the bickering continues to go on between Democrats and Republicans over whose fault this ultimately is, and after 30 years, no solution has been arrived at. Secretly, both sides really don’t mind that this is happening. You can disagree with my assertion that all sides don’t really mind this, but logic dictates otherwise. There is a full-blown humanitarian crisis happening at our southern border, and nothing is getting done by either side of the political aisle except talk.


Oh sure, occasionally some elected officials from the border states will complain that more money is needed. But more money is given continuously, and yet the problem grows larger. The federal, state, and local officials on the front line are burnt out. There has been no direction from the White House other than to stand down and let it happen.

I think it’s time to do something different.

The American people will not be angered to action by the 3-minute news clips done by some media outlets every once in a while. Those wildly popular, Tucker Carlson segments that last 10 to 12 minutes help for a day or so, but ultimately, they fade into the background–like this problem has for the past three decades.

Those elected officials who truly give a damn about what is happening down there, and the mistreatment of people that is happening while being trafficked through Mexico–and smuggling both children who have been abused and drugs to help kill Americans–need to come up with different actions.

The way to get Americans’ natural sense of decency put into action is by putting live cameras in all of the hot spots along the border. Representative Gonzales had the right idea to tape what was happening in the Detention Center, but this needs to be expanded upon.

We need live cameras on websites independent of the federal government, maybe on state websites, that show 24/7 what in the hell is going on down there. That way, anybody across the fruited plain could check in any time-day or night-to see exactly who’s coming across the border. They could see how those people are being put into areas and being detained; it would also show in real-time exactly what is occurring at any moment, instead of the small clips that media decides to show.


I would even go further and suggest that instead of elected representatives and senators going on the floor of the House or the Senate and making speeches, they should actually go to the border, take a shift, and do a commentary on exactly what is happening in their view. Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John Cornyn, both of Texas, could use thier time much better if spent along the border in their home state doing something like that, rather than in Washington, continuing to spin the wheels of a federal bureaucracy that is inclined to do nothing about the problem.

We have the technology to do this; most of these elected officials are millionaires, and they all have advisers and lawyers that could figure out how to do this in less than a week. So, anyone saying those are issues is lying.

I don’t blame one soul who earnestly wants to come to this country for a better life and has been misled that this is the way to do it. Yet, the current system puts lives at risk from the trip, has sexual and physical abuse of children happening. Plus, the drugs being smuggled across the border have resulted in thousands of deaths, just with fentanyl alone.

How much longer can we claim to be a great country, if we allow this to happen?

Washington, D.C., has talked for way too long about fixing this issue, and the results have just deteriorated. Now is the time to change the script and actually start to solve this issue by broadcasting–24 hours a day–for all to see at the border and to motivate Republicans and Democrats alike to fix it.


Plus, less talk and more video could get the current White House occupant to act in the country’s best interest once.

Let’s make this happen to start off 2023.


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