Hopefully, the GOP-Led House Finds Someone With a Political Spine Like Nancy Pelosi

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I’m sure some people read the title and are thinking that why would anybody writing at RedState have anything complimentary to say about Nancy Pelosi? That would be a fair question.


I can’t stand the policy positions that Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic caucus hold. They are ghouls just on their fascination with aborting a child right up until birth alone. Then, you can go down the list of things they support, like anti-American views on energy Independence, education, and not being able to deal with the fact that biology is actually a scientific thing, etc.

Even with her ability to mess up in a Joe Biden-like style as of late (WATCH: Nancy Pelosi, Full of Christmas Spirits, Wishes You and Yours a ‘Happy Shwanza’) she still has one admirable quality that someone, anyone in the GOP leadership should try to emulate.

She is simply not afraid to challenge her opponents to rip the power from her cold, dead bony fingers to stop her from getting her ideology legislation passed.

She even gets her former opponents to come back and cry at her send-off ceremony, which is a really odd Stockholm syndrome-like power she possesses.

Via Fox News:

Boehner gave his tearful speech during Wednesday’s official portrait unveiling ceremony for Pelosi, who has announced her retirement from Democratic Party leadership after her role as speaker concludes this year.

Boehner, who was Speaker of the House from 2011 to 2015, addressed Pelosi, saying “You’ve been unfailingly gracious to me, to my family and, frankly, my team here in Washington. And Madam Speaker, I have to say, my girls told me, ‘Tell the Speaker how much we admire her.'”

While mentioning his daughters’ appreciation for the speaker, the former GOP lawmaker started choking up. The footage elicited mixed reactions on Twitter.


Some of you might be old enough to recall that a long time ago in a swampy land called Washington D.C., Nancy Pelosi became the first female Speaker of the House in 2007. That was so long ago that nobody was questioning what a woman or a female was.

Pelosi and the Democrats were swept into power during the waning days of Bush 43’s administration and after Obama won in 2008 and took power in January 2009, the Democratic-led House and Senate went to work to overhaul America’s healthcare system. This issue was not discussed in 2008 in any depth during the campaign. However, Pelosi and Harry Reid in the Senate knew that with the padded majorities that they had if they were ever going to do this and the time was now. President Obama, being as green as he was at the time, allowed the legislation to be written in Congress with very little input from the administration.

Pelosi also knew being this not discussed during the national campaign and not having a mandate to do it meant her time as Speaker was going to be limited. She laid down on the political tracks willing to get her agenda passed because she believed the government can deliver healthcare better than middle America can.

The very notion of taking over America’s healthcare system was idiotic and has proven to be an expensive overreach and a massive boondoggle since its passage. What type of person thinks that receiving a government subsidy means you can only sign up for a couple of months during the year and is a good idea?


A government bureaucrat of course.

Yet Nancy Pelosi, being the zealot ideologue that she is, was willing to give up her brand new position of being third in line to the presidency and the first Speaker of the House being a gal to get her dream of country-altering government a boondoggle passed.

Can you name one person in GOP leadership that would give up the perks that you get from being a quote-unquote leader, to get a key piece of legislation passed or, heaven forbid, something like Obamacare repealed?

Now mind you, Pelosi was never in danger of losing her seat but she was willing to give up the gavel to get this monstrosity passed. She then hung on to the leadership post of her party for 8 years and took the gavel again in 2019.

So how about this question, can you name any Republican that is in a safe district that would be willing to give up the majority in the House or the Senate to get something past or repealed that would actually benefit the country?

I know I can’t.

Now just to clarify, I’m not saying that there aren’t good and decent people in the Republican party that are trying to do the right thing. I fully recognize this and appreciate them but it is a totally different animal that gets things done in D.C. and I don’t see anybody in the GOP that has the political spine of Nancy Pelosi.

This is why even if the GOP once again had the House the Senate and the Presidency again they would only pass bills around the edges like they did when Trump was POTUS. I don’t see anybody on the right that’s an elected official that is willing to give up all of the perks of office and take the hit for the team.


That is why I can severely dislike everything that Nancy Pelosi stands for and admire her political brass cojones.

Once again, her unwavering support of abortion on demand and her pretending to be a Catholic thinking that the Church approves of that makes my skin crawl. Yet the reason why we have many of the problems that we have today is that Nancy Pelosi’s political spine is made of titanium and the Republicans don’t have anybody to match that with.

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