WATCH: Nancy Pelosi, Full of Christmas Spirits, Wishes You and Yours a 'Happy Shwanza'

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It’s looking like Nancy Pelosi hit the spiked Christmas punch hard before heading to the House floor to deliver her last speech as speaker. With her days in the Democrat leadership numbered, and Republicans ready to rip the speaker’s gavel out of her hand, Pelosi surely wanted to make an impression on her colleagues before they dispersed for the holidays (after, of course, they passed the grotesque omnibus bill). Mission accomplished.



Politicians love to do this kind of thing around the holidays — cram every kind of celebration possible into their season greetings, but no one does it quite like Nancy. It was clearly too much for her this year, as she turned “Kwanzaa” into “Shwanza,” making the man sitting behind her squirm a bit in his seat. We get the gist of it — Nancy’s been dealing with a lot lately and clearly needs a long Shwanza break before Congress reconvenes in January.

It hasn’t been the best of years for Nancy, has it, trying to deal with that husband of hers? First, there was Paul Pelosi’s unfortunate DUI back in May, where he drunkenly plowed his Porsche through a stop sign and smashed into a Jeep, nearly killing the driver. And, because being a Democrat means never truly having to face the consequences of your actions, he was given a judicial slap on the wrist and allowed to continue being a menace on the roads of California.


Next, there was the now-infamous “break in” at the Pelosi mansion that ended up with Mr. Pelosi in the hospital with a fractured skull. What actually transpired that night is still very unclear, with details being scrubbed from news websites and Nancy presumably pulling rank to make sure the public never knows what happened. Nancy, as she’s prone to do, quickly blamed Republicans for the incident. This, of course, means that something very bad indeed occurred and her incorrigible husband was likely not an innocent bystander.

Then there’s the fact that she’s facing her waning days as The Most Powerful Woman in Politics. While some of us will delight in watching her having to hand over the gavel to Kevin McCarthy Steve Scalise a Republican, it will surely be a difficult moment for the woman who has presided over the passage of some of most disastrous policies our nation has ever seen to watch the power slip from her hands. It’s enough to drive a gal to drink.

As a special Shwanza gift to RedState readers, here’s a video of possibly the most bizarre video ever of Nancy Pelosi. Even worse than “Good morning, Sunday morning” and that was bad. Enjoy:


Happy Shwanza to all and to all a good night!


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