I'm Mad as Hell and Wonder if America Is Worth the Fight Anymore

Has America seen her best days fade into the sunset?

This has to be a question that any person who has lived for the past 30 or 40 years in the United States of America and has seen what has transpired in the past year-and-a-half, has to wonder at least once. Those of us who are over 50 are definitely making comparisons to what transpired in the late 70s and early 80s and wondering if it’s going to be as bad as it was then — or if could it be an even bigger disaster.


Of course, I’m a young 50-something lad so I only recall vague images and phrases of Dad asking Mom why she voted for the peanut farmer from Georgia for President back in those dark and dingy days.

I often wonder if will I look back at the inept Carter years and long for that time in the next couple of years after President Pudding Brain is fully drained of whatever fluid is keeping him going with Veep Cackle waiting in the wings. The very thought of this starts to make my blood boil and it simultaneously ticks me off and saddens me.

This is not the America I inherited and definitely not the one we are supposed to hand off to the “Taylor Swift is the best singer EVAH” generation. They do deserve a mess to clean up for that belief but not on the scale we are at today.

So is America still worth fighting for?

If you read the latest articles from my colleagues Bonchie and Nick Arama about the Joe Biden interview on 60 Minutes where he verbally piddles on himself, you might be hard-pressed to see the glass half full right now. We are being led by someone who has plenty of experience at being inept. His choice of Vice President laid the foundation for the ineptitude of his Presidency. His reasoning that she was the only one left standing that matched the criteria of having ovaries and was a person of some sort of ethnic background was an eerie foreshadowing of many mistakes to come.

I don’t think you can blame me for thinking on occasion I’m on the unsinkable ship Titanic and watching the last lifeboat row away and wondering why the band does not stop playing because I have a headache. Also knowing that I overpaid for that damn ticket and there is not anything I can do about it while the frigid Atlantic waters wrap themselves around my ankles.


We are looking that bad right now.

However, I’m of the American Gen X generation, which means we were the last group of kids to pretty much roam the streets without cell phone tracking devices on us and we knew how to use rotary phones hanging on our kitchen wall. We also had to change the TV channel without remote control and had to walk inside fast food restaurants to do a carry-out with no drive-through windows available.

What that all means is that we are truly the last tough-as-nails generation.

So being I’m from that group of Americans, I knew that I had to find the silver lining in the dark storm cloud of gloominess that is the Biden-Harris administration and their daily screw-ups. This is why I was intrigued when I came across another colleague of mine, Susie Moore, and her article entitled Moore to the Point – America Is Alright and gave the post a read.

Her opening nails exactly how I have been feeling and I’m sure many others right now wondering where in the hell did the more rational country we lived in just years ago, go?

It’s easy to get discouraged by all the negative news we’re bombarded with on a regular basis. As someone who basically swims in it, I can definitely attest to that. Though I’m an optimist by nature, the cynicism if not outright pessimism is constantly trying to crash that party.

We get bombarded almost every hour of every day with some sort of off-putting news and it can deflate you in a hurry. That is the daily grind of life that can make the normally shining horizon of the American dream seem to fade a bit in the fog of the moronic leadership we currently are bestowed with.


Yet Americans have been through tough times before.

If you have ever read David McCullough’s excellent book titled 1776 about the first winter that George Washingtons Continental Army suffered through, you know this country should probably never have existed if not for God’s intervention.

The American Civil War was another example of this nation being torn at its foundations which resulted in the country being damaged along with its people for decades afterward.

I could go on about the Great Depression, World Wars I & II, and many other events that Americans in incredibly stressful times endured and persevered when their backs were up against the wall. I don’t want to claim that we do our best work with everything on the line but it seems that has been a pattern throughout our history.

So a reminder like Susie’s above that “America is Alright” is needed more often in times like these where everything we hear in the media is hot garbage served on a flaming poop plate. We do need to disconnect from our apps on our phones and computers and take in a baseball game or go bowling on occasion. We should enjoy the changing of the leaves in the next couple of weeks and enjoy the cooler fall air and reset our brains.

We should rest our bodies and reconnect with God to ask for direction in our lives and for our country that He helped found with men and women who, in many cases, paid the ultimate sacrifice to see their descendants thrive.


Even though I’m ticked off and tired of all the B.S. that stumbling Joe and his malcontent socialist dregs are pushing down our throats, I’m ready to go another 12 rounds.

Is America still worth fighting for?

You are damn right it is.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can always reach me here at my Red State Bio and let me know what you think.


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