The Reaction to Donald Trump's Endorsement for Governor in Michigan Is Truly Confusing

Former President Trump stops by a fundraiser held for Michigan candidate for Governor, Tudor Dixon at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Wednesday, Feb 2nd, 2022. (Credit: Tudor Dixon)

Oh, Michigan my Michigan, how you genuinely do sometimes confuse me. Of course not, as bad as the poor souls that live in California or New York, I’m sure; but the year is not yet over, and we could still reach that massive low.


I live here in the Great Lakes State and, as I have covered here over the past week, we have some excitement here with the primary election next Tuesday to pick the GOP contender against the Queen of Lockdowns, Gretchen Whitmer.

I have written about some of the nonsense with this article here. Is Michigan GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin Rinke a Secret Fan of Gov Whitmer? and BREAKING: Former Pres. Donald Trump Endorses Tudor Dixon for Michigan Governor. Also, if you get a chance, check out my colleague Cameron Arcand’s interview with Tudor Dixon right HERE.

Since the Trump announcement of the Tudor Dixon endorsement, some of the Facebook pages of both groups and friends that I have just lit up with some really interesting conspiracy theories. It truly has been hard to keep up with, but I have the tools to do it. Also, it is much easier to do when a lot of these theories are written by people that just finished watching an episode of “Sesame Street” and feel enlightened.

I’m sorry if that (possibly) hurt some people’s feelings, but actually, I’m not.

Michigan has an incumbent governor who is done a horrific job and has 30 million dollars in the bank; I personally can’t believe some of the nonsense that people are posting, pretending that they have information that the majority of people don’t have.

Let me start out with my piece from Monday on the drivel coming from an ad from Kevin Rinke. I had this reaction, when the ad called the DeVos family and, by extension Tudor Dixon, America’s betrayers.


Yet the problem I have — and quite frankly anyone who gives a damn about changing Michigan from a blue state to a red state should also have — is that Rinke wants to smear his opponent on faulty reasoning and by dragging a family that has done more for “conservative” causes than he could ever dream of doing.

Rational people can disagree on policy or actions and I do disagree with Betsy DeVos about her decision to resign two weeks before Trump’s term ended in January of 2021 for the reasons she stated.

As the January 6 Commission has brilliantly shown, Trump did nothing to encourage a bunch of Hot Heads to go down to the Capitol and overthrow the United States government. Seriously, that Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger think that the guy who dressed up as one of the Village People was gonna install himself as Speaker of the House or something is amazing and silly. Super cute story but it was never gonna happen no matter how many prime-time hearings they have to try and scare people.

I’m in this odd camp, where you can disagree with someone strongly about a view they hold and not have to say they are doing the Benedict Arnold boogie. I know that might be a bit too rational for some, but I’m too old and wise to change, so you can deal with it.

That reaction I posted above was from people three or four days before Trump actually endorsed Dixon.

Now, though, people are actually saying that Trump, wait for it, endorsed a #NeverTrumper here in Michigan.


This is of course on Facebook, so I can’t see if they actually have a straight face. Yet I can see in my mind’s eye the single-digit typing and the biting of the bottom lip, as they type these accusations furiously. They do this with all the vigor and purpose of someone who cried when there was an assassination attempt against President Josiah Bartlet has in the first season of “The West Wing.”

When I challenged these folks on the basic premise that Donald Trump might not be in the mood to endorse a Never-Trumper, the reactions I received were all over the board.

My friend Dan Tollis on Facebook posted an observation about the meltdown he was witnessing, after Trump made it official about his endorsement. Dan is a loyal Republican and was debating on who to vote for Tuesday; he indicated that the Trump endorsement might sway him. Here is what he wrote…

Watching some folks going apoplectic over tonight’s news. Remember we have got to maintain and if possible increase our majorities in the House and Senate. We also must Ensure that those that we elect are fiscal and social conservatives. The last government the better. Without the House and Senate it doesn’t mean anything we elect as governor.

Some of the responses he received were, shall we say, interesting.

Oh my god are you a fucking idiot  She is establishment fucking rhino and its finest what in the hell are you thinking I’m voice texting and I know that rhino is not spelled like that when it comes to politics but then what in the hell R U thinking


Then there was this gem…

Dixon is an actress. She is all show and no go. She is witless the second. Devo’s bought and puppet.

In all fairness to Dan, he pointed out that Ronald Reagan was an actor also, but that did not impress the person who posted that comment. He went so far down the rabbit hole that, somehow, Trump was tricked by a plot to trick the grassroots of the grassroots–and only the people who can say RINO at the drop of a hat know the truth. How Donald Trump was not alerted to these plots is troublesome, if you think Trump has lost his marbles like the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Luckily, not everyone thinks this, and there were people who were just advocating for their choice, rationally and with a great measure of sanity. This person summed it up for me…

Okay friends – I don’t care who you vote for in the primary. But, for the love of the State of Michigan and conservatives everywhere, please support Tudor Dixon or whoever wins the primary in November.

This is the reason I hate primary season – too many rumors, too many negative mailings, too much drama. If we can’t pull together in November, Michigan is sunk – and it will be the fault of the conservatives and/or Republicans who didn’t want to vote for the Republican candidate.


Stop the nonsense, indeed.

We are blessed to live in a time where we have almost all the information ever recorded at our fingertips and yet, we seem to be dumber than at any time in our history. Elections are supposed to be a rough and tumble vetting process, and it is not supposed to be easy or pretty. Yet, when people who claim to love what Donald Trump did for four years as President decide that he does not know as much as them– when their said candidate does not get his thumbs up–and go all Alex Jones with stories, we are obligated to say stop.


Calling people un-American and using Democrat talking points to slander Trump and others is a bit much.

We are way past the time to STOP THIS NONSENSE and remember that whoever wins this Tuesday is going to work to defeat Gretchen Whitmer. That person will need your help, no matter how badly your feelings are hurt.

Hopefully, the grassiest of the grassroots can keep that in mind.


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