Reelection Time: Unlike Last Year, Michigan Leaders Issue Suggestions for COVID, Not Mandates

Reelection Time: Unlike Last Year, Michigan Leaders Issue Suggestions for COVID, Not Mandates
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I do so love my home state of Michigan for a number of reasons. We truly have the best of all four seasons, some of the best food and drink in the whole world, and we elect some real noobs as politicians. I know every part of the country does the last part but damn, do we put some real dopes into office here.

The latest example of this less-than-qualified bunch in leadership is that our non-noble leaders in Lansing just issued a “suggestion” of wearing masks, as opposed to their actions last year of mandating it under the penalty of law. While this is a great step forward during this latest COVID surge, you have to ask yourself: What is the reason for the change? And the answer is…

We are just 351 days until the election in 2022.

As I wrote about here the other day, Governor Gretchen “Lockdown” Whitmer last year could not issue ENOUGH executive orders to save lives Michigan Leads Nation in COVID Cases and Governor Lockdown Is All of a Sudden Missing. From that article…

Michigan is in a crisis and it is one of biblical proportions, and our most noble leader seems to be missing. Actually, I’m not serious, we have seen COVID spikes before and we got through it but Governor Whitmer is missing this time and we need leadership. Maybe just not hers, though.

Did anyone check to see if she charted a private jet again to head to Florida like she did a couple of times last year? BREAKING: Complaint Filed Against Gretchen Whitmer Over Charter Jet Trip to Florida Last March.

The Great Lakes State is once again making some headlines because we have a spike in COVID and this has the media in the state heading for the hills in fear. Unlike last year, though, our part-time fearless Governor is not only NOT issuing orders to save the lives of the unwashed masses, she can’t be found anywhere to offer a meager comment.

As I also mentioned in the article above, while Joe Biden visited the state last week the Guv slipped out to California and is, we come to find out, now in Arizona, while her state has rising COVID cases. How odd is it that the Governor of a state is not there to welcome the President of the same party when he comes to visit? Not odd at all, it seems, when your butt is up for reelection in less than a year and that President has a popularity rating barely north of syphilis.

Since that article, the Whitmer administration’s person who handles all the stifling mandates, Elizabeth Hertel, has come out and issued not new mandates but some really helpful suggestions. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services director just issued some new guidance the other day according to The Detroit News

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued a public health advisory Friday, six days ahead of Thanksgiving, recommending people wear masks at indoor gatherings regardless of their vaccination status.

The advisory, which is not a mandate, came amid surging infection numbers in the state. It also encouraged establishments to implement policies to ensure that all people entering, including employees, wear masks and advised individuals who are not fully vaccinated or who are immunocompromised to avoid large crowds or gatherings.

“The increases in case counts, percent positivity and hospitalizations have us very concerned,” said Elizabeth Hertel, director of the state health department.

“We are issuing the face mask advisory and are looking to Michiganders to do their part to help protect their friends, their families and their communities by wearing a mask in indoor settings and getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and flu as soon as possible if they have not already done so.”

What a difference a year makes.

Liz, of course, did not explain the rationale for this change from the mandates of last year to an “advisory” this year and this further indicates that maybe the science was not what it was all cracked up to be. If you truly believed you were doing the right thing, then you would go the distance for the good of the people of your state. You don’t have to check the election calendar to see if this is the right thing to do, you just do it.

That is not how it operates, though, in my home state of Michigan. Doing the right thing by the citizens is measured by when the next election is, which tells you it might actually not be doing the right thing at all.

Hopefully, this state elects some people with common sense next year and not the most ripe from the rube pile of the cart of political hacks we usually have to choose from.

One can only hope.

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