Michigan Democrats Are on Vacation With Biden When It Comes to Rapid Fall of Afghanistan

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Ahhhh, the dog days of summertime in the United States of America — where fond memories are made. This time of year is made for BBQs, parades, and baseball. Also, where many families are on vacation and doing any number of things trying to recharge their batteries before the summer wraps up and turns into fall and kids go back to school.

The President of the United States is currently relaxing out at Camp David and, as we found out over the weekend when horrible news was coming out of Afghanistan, he and his administration could not be bothered with paying a lot of attention to it.

Maybe Joe’s bunny slippers needed to be found.

Of course, I’m just guessing about the bunny slippers missing but I’m not sure what could have kept the White House from commenting ASAP on how fast the situation was deteriorating in the nation that our troops were doing a rapid withdrawal out of over the weekend.

Maybe Hunter lost another laptop to those pesky Russians.

As my colleague Bonchie covered on Sunday, it took a while for Jen Psaki and the not-ready-for-prime-time crew to get their act together and just release a statement from Joe…Joe Biden Finally Wakes up and Releases a Truly Awful Statement on Afghanistan

The country is in the midst of, by far, the most chaotic week of Joe Biden’s presidency. Where is he? Well, he’s at Camp David for the next five days, after being in Delaware for most of the previous week. Does that sound normal for a president in the current situation? To be hidden away on a quasi-vacation while Afghanistan collapses and inflation soars?

Yet, here we are, with the reality that Biden isn’t the president we need, but he’s the president we have. Now, he has awakened from his slumber to deliver a truly awful statement on Afghanistan, assuming he had any involvement in drafting it, that is.

Now, I know that the President is always the President anywhere he is but the length of time it took for the White House to say anything meaningful was stunning. Truly, it was like they did not think anything like this debacle was going to happen.

The President did say this would not look like Saigon in 1975 — and in one very small way, he was right.

This happened in Kabul, not Saigon.

As we all know, the Democrats are really good at playing “Follow the Leader,” and the Dems in Michigan are following the President almost exactly in how they are handling the news of the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan. Take some of the federally elected officials from Michigan who are currently, seemingly, taking a vacation from commenting on this tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes.

One person, for example, is the Congressperson from Michigan’s 11th District — Haley Stevens on her personal Twitter account. While United States forces were drawing down and chaos ensued in Kabul over this past weekend, Representative Stevens mustered the strength to tweet about some cornhole she was enjoying with her fellow Democrats.


Not that Stevens, in the past, has not taken the opportunity to express her thoughts about how women are treated here for a variety of reasons. She is a champion for women and the equal opportunity of all people who are women to be treated equally based on their being a woman.

Yet, the President of her party ignores the advice of his military advisors and creates a humanitarian mess that affects (women) people and she is too busy playing a really competitive game of cornhole. I won’t post the video that has surfaced of how some of these poor souls who happen to be women are being killed in Afghanistan. I don’t want to ruin the memory of such a fun day of cornhole.

Now, let’s check in on the other side of the Capitol where Homeland Security Chairperson, Michigan Senator Gary Peters, had no comment about any of the developments over this past weekend and yesterday.

We invaded Afghanistan back in 2001 because of the threat to the homeland after 9-11. You would think the guy who chairs the committee in the Senate that monitors for the threats to this country might have some comment that would be informative and hopefully reassuring. Yet he can’t even be bothered with saying no comment and just blowing off the press.

Maybe he was a bit miffed he didn’t get invited to the Stevens cornhole game.

More than likely, though, the Democrats — not only in Michigan but across the country — are a bit shell-shocked right now.

Seven months ago, they were all celebrating the fact that one of their own had beaten President Mean Tweets and they had control of Congress and the world would rejoice. The reality is that the country is being overrun at the southern border and inflation and COVID are running wild plus this foreign crisis has erupted. Joe Biden has created these messes and, as much as they point to Mar-a-Lago and the former POTUS, it all falls on the current White House resident.

All politicians who want to keep their seats have a countdown clock in their heads to the next election and all of them know they are just 15 months from November 2022. So if just seven months into Biden’s first term all this mayhem has happened, what can they expect from Scranton Joe for the next seven?

If you followed Biden’s career as a senator you know it won’t be pretty. Those who served with him in the Senate know this and that is why the Republicans can’t wait and the Democrats can’t stop fretting. Joe is just naturally doing what he has always done which is to be a walking mess that is good for a funny nonsensical quote.

Luckily, there is still a lot of time for the president to invite his friends of the donkey party to the White House to strategize and try and come up with a reason why this has failed so badly in Kabul. The sooner the better and I can think of a great incentive:

I hear the south lawn would be a great place to hold a cornhole game.

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