Detroit Police Chief James Craig Might Run Against Gretchen Whitmer Next Year

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Well, let’s just say that S*** just got interesting for the 2022 gubernatorial race here in Michigan for Gretchen Whitmer.

Super duper interesting if it turns out to be true and Detroit Police Chief James Craig could be running against her.


As most people that have read my earlier scrivenings here at RedState know, I’m an avid follower of a local journalist by the name of Charlie LeDuff and his show the No Bullshit News Hour. LeDuff has been one of the few people that have actually taken the time to do real reporting on some of the hi-jinks here in Michigan and across the country. Here are some examples…

Michigan Gov Sneaked off to Florida in a Billionaires’ Jet and No One Seems to Care and Pulitzer Winning Journalist Announces COVID Death Count Lawsuit Against Michigan Governor.

On today’s show, Charlie and his co-hosts, Karen Dumas, Marc Fellhauer, and Detroit Red, broke some “half-baked news” as Charlie called it, with a rumor that Detroit Police Chief James Craig will run as a Republican next year against Whitmer.

Here is the announcement on today’s No Bullshit News Hour at the 2:09 mark…

Charlie: Who is going to run against Gretchen Whitmer on the Republican side because they don’t have anybody? Here is what I’m hearing. The No Bullshit News Hour has learned that quite possibly and very probably Detroit Police Chief James Craig will be resigning his seat and running on the Republican ticket for the nomination of Governor for Michigan.


He then confirmed this report with Karen who has worked in Detroit and Michigan politics and has a long list of contacts in and around the Motor City. She has heard the very same thing that LeDuff has been told.

I can’t tell you how big of a deal this would be for the State of Michigan and the Michigan GOP to have someone with this type of background to be able to take on the failed Whitmer Administration and their (apologies to Ric Flair) stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, leaf raking at the cottage, heading to Florida breaking all MDHHS recommendations about COVID sons of a gun.

Even with all the mismanagement that Gretchen has exhibited this past year, I said on my very own show last week that she is still a 50-50 show at winning re-election. For those of you outside the state of Michigan that think that the Great Leaks State is somehow a red or purple state because of Trump’s win in 2016 of 11,000 votes, let me help you out.

Michigan is a blue state unless you give the blue-collar workers here a reason to jump to purple. Also, the Michigan GOP tends to shoot itself in the foot months before they get up to the starting line in a political race, so putting much confidence in them is not warranted.


However, James Craig brings a different dynamic if he actually does enter the race.

Craig was born in Detroit and started his law enforcement career with the Detroit Police Department in 1977. He has served in the Los Angeles Department and also as Chief in Portland, Maine and Cincinnati, Ohio before taking the top job in his hometown in 2013.

He led the DPD through last summer’s Defund The Police riots which were erupting across the country with very few incidents here in Detroit. This could be due to the fact that DPD under his leadership has worked to establish a relationship with community activists and leaders before incidents occur. This pro-active approach is useful in times of crisis so you already know who you are dealing with and trust them.

Will any of what I just wrote change who sits in the Governor’s chair come January 1, 2023?


However, someone who has had success in every aspect of their career compared to the disaster that we have experienced over the past 2 1/2 years in Lansing is definitely worth taking a look at. You never know what will happen in the heat of a campaign and what will come out about anyone running, but I suspect if there was something bad about Craig it would have already dropped. Successful Police Chiefs are targets for political bad actors and Craig has not had any scandal touch him.


As I said above, just a couple of days ago I thought Whitmer was even odds to win if she decides to run again. If these reports are true and James were to be the GOP nominee, I’m putting my bitcoin on him to win by at least a 5 point margin.

Let the games begin.

Also, make sure to check out LeDuff and his crew on their show NBN every Friday at (around) 1 pm EDT. I guarantee you will get some news you did not know and will be entertained and it is all for free.

Which is a great deal even if you can afford a 40k jet ride.


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