Michigan Gov Sneaked off to Florida in a Billionaires' Jet and No One Seems to Care

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Michigan, you can’t be happy with this.

The state is lagging behind almost all other states around us in the Great Lakes region in how we have been dealing with the COVID-19 situation. I won’t even go into how badly we are getting shown up in regards to how the southern states have handled this and are benefitting from sane, rational leadership.


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, for over a year, has beseeched the citizens of the Mitten State to follow the rules she has laid out, and together we will defeat this. If we just wear our masks and social distance and wear our masks in a car alone, we will whip this thing.

Really, this is based on science — or something that they still will not release.

Oh and don’t travel to one of those southern states that her good pal Joe Biden said had “Neanderthal thinking” for deciding to open up their states and ditching the fear-driven drivel of despair.

Unless, of course, it is the Governor going on a secret visit to see her Dad.

In Florida.

On a gaggle of billionaires’ jet.

Without alerting Florida authorities as a courtesy to let them know one of the 50 state governors was visiting in case something happened while she was there.

Without having had one of the COVID-19 “vaccine” shots given to her.

Remember, do what I say not say what I do. Or something.

When I wrote about this last month here at Red State, Gretchen Whitmer Sneaks off to Florida to Visit Her Dad, Ignoring Her Own Suggestion it was not known how she arrived in Florida or for how long she stayed. We also didn’t know that she had not given law enforcement in Florida a heads up that she was there. The only reason we do know any of this now is because of one guy who is actually committing the act of journalism today in a world badly in need of it.


Some bloke named Charlie LeDuff.

I have written about some of LeDuff’s stories here before, and his latest is just another example of what happens when you get someone not looking for his or her truth but just the damn truth. Charlie has once again broken a story that the rest of the media in this state is absolutely terrified to pursue or report on even after LeDuff has done the hard work for them.

His latest from Deadline Detroit

When Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was outed last month for a secretive trip to Florida in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, her office claimed that Michigan taxpayers did not foot the bill.

What they did not tell us, however, is that Whitmer asked a group of wealthy Detroit businessmen to supply her with a private plane they share.

Those businessmen have major dealings in and with the state of Michigan.

“We wondered why she reached out to us instead of booking a private charter,” said one of the plane’s owners, who exchanged his candor for confidentiality. “You can’t tell a governor no. Who needs that kind of trouble?”

Had Whitmer booked a round trip flight from Lansing to West Palm Beach through a private charter company, it would likely have cost her $10,000 to $20,000, or a whopping $40,000 for the actual jet she took, according to private jet websites. The latter is more than 25 percent of the governor’s salary — before taxes.

It is unclear whether Whitmer reimbursed the company – Air Eagle – which manages the aircraft owned by the businessmen. And, if so, at what price and from which bank account?


So some super-duper rich guys, the ones that people of Gretch’s ilk are always saying don’t pay enough in taxes and are used as a bogey man pinata, were guilted into letting her use their fancy jet to go to Florida for FOUR DAYS. I’m sure that the fact that they have business with the State of Michigan and she happens to be the Governor is a happy coincidence and there could never be any quid pro quo.

Must be one hell of a nice jet that it would cost 40K to rent for a round trip to Florida. Why fly with the heathens in first class when you can pull those types of favors? Woman of the people indeed.

When LeDuff broke this story of her heading to Florida last month, it was nearly two weeks before her next appearance before her adoring fans in the press corp in Lansing. You would expect that at least one reporter would suck it up and risk getting the stink eye from Gretch and ask why she broke her own suggestions about heading down south. Five questions were asked and not ONE reporter had the guts to ask. Not. One.

Yet I’m sure more than one of them wrote a beautiful recommendation for the Guv to receive the Profiles in Courage Award from the Kennedy Foundation. I imagine it does take some courage to guilt 10 million Michiganians not to travel to the land of heathens down south for your health while doing it yourself.

Also, some gall.

The only hope this or any country has of surviving and thriving is if you have people willing to ask those who have been given power, questions on what they are doing with it. If those who are making decisions for millions based on science and data decide to run roughshod over them for their own personal reasons, they should be asked why. I don’t care if it is an orange guy named Trump or some gal given the nickname Big Gretch. You keep them in line by asking tough questions and not giving a rat’s behind whether a D or an R is after their name on a ballot.


One person in Michigan is willing to ask those questions and do some reporting and it would be great if others in his profession would follow his lead.



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