According to Governor Whitmer, Schools in Michigan Have No Idea When or How They Might Open

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is a pretty famous micro-manager. You might recall that she prevented people from purchasing gardening essentials in stores over 50,000 sq ft but allowed it in stores under that. Also the nonsense of saying you could golf in Michigan but not use a golf cart all due to the COVID-19 threat. She likes to make stuff up and say it is based on science and data but yet never provides it. That has made people skeptical of her.


Now she has issued a statement saying that the schools in Michigan and the parents who send their kids to them won’t know what the plan is until possibly days before they are to open. That is really going to make people skeptical and angry.

This is not going to end well.


Michigan Superintendent of Schools Michael Rice told a panel of lawmakers Tuesday, July 28, 2020, that some districts in the state are slated to begin the school year on Aug. 10; a tight timeline when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer hasn’t finalized plans for schools to hold in-person learning, virtual, or some combination and she said that timeline for certainty won’t come just yet.

During a statewide COVID-19 update, Whitmer said she sympathizes with parents, teachers, and staff who don’t have a clear picture of what school would look like but said decisions can’t be made just yet because COVID-19 numbers would fluctuate.

“You’re going to know before you get to that first day, but it’s going to be a lot closer to it than anybody’s going to be happy with, and that’s just the nature of this disease,” she said.

The school year ended abruptly here in the state back in March with the COVID-19 threat emerging and parents have been waiting for any word on how the schools would handle bringing back their spawn. Now hearing that they might not know right up until the last moment is infuriating to those parents who are not just able to sit at home and collect a paycheck.


Whitmer has rightly criticized Washington D.C. when they have imposed endless rules and regulations on the state for attaching a bunch of strings to resources (money) for that being sent our way. Now she wants to do the same thing from Lansing to all 83 counties in the state about schools.

The Upper Peninsula in the state has not been hit nearly as hard as the Metro Detroit so why should those schools remain closed or have to wait to announce when or if they are opening. Getting the green light from the micromanaging Governor is not really needed.

Michiganians don’t need to be babied all the time by Big Gretch.


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