Democrat State Representative Karen Whitsett Gets Censured From Party for Thanking Trump

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President Donald J. Trump listens as Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett talks about her recovery from the COVID-19 Coronavirus, Tuesday, April 14, 2020, in the Cabinet Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

The full-blown politicization of a “PANDEMIC” is underway and Michigan, unfortunately, is leading the charge.

State Representative Karen Whitsett is a duly-elected official from the City of Detroit. You might recall that earlier this month, she received a tweet from President Trump saying he was glad she was feeling better after having COVID-19 and that story made headlines.

Normally you would think that this is a story that would be welcomed and not scorned by anyone of any party. Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

Rep. Whitsett was invited to the White House this last week to meet with President Trump and thank him in person. She also was there to talk about the issues facing people who have had COVID-19 and the after effect.


This should have been a non-issue.


Once again, not in this day and age.


From the Detroit News

Detroit Democrats unanimously passed a resolution Saturday to censure a Democratic lawmaker who credited President Donald Trump with advocating for the drug that she said cured her of COVID-19.

State Rep. Karen Whitsett, D-Detroit, broke protocol by meeting with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence during an April 14 meeting of COVID-19 survivors, where she credited hydroxychloroquine for saving her life, a Democratic district leader said.

“Thank you for everything that you have done,” Whitsett told Trump at the meeting. “I did not know that saying thank you had a political line. … I’m telling my story and my truth, and this how I feel and these are my words.”

Whitsett’s comments landed her in hot water with the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party organization, which unanimously passed the 15-delegate vote via Zoom Saturday ousting the first-term lawmaker representing the 9th Michigan House District.


So, a Democrat from Detroit meets with the President and Vice President, comes back home and she is going to get the slap on the wrist for doing so? That is EXACTLY what her party did. How dare anyone not check with the central planning committee before thinking or thanking anyone. Particularly if that person has an “R” after their name and the name is Donald Trump.

Here is what the resolution said…

The resolution states Whitsett has “misrepresented the needs and priorities” of Democratic leadership to the president and public.

Whitsett, the resolution said, “has repeatedly and publicly praised the president’s delayed and misguided COVID-19 response efforts in contradiction with the scientifically based and action-oriented response” from Michigan’s Democratic leadership, “endangering the health, safety and welfare of her constituents, the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan.”


The lady said her health was failing and the Hydroxychloroquine she heard the President mention literally helped save her life. The verdict is still out on whether or not this is a good counter for the COVID-19 but Rep. Whitsett thinks it helped her. Where are the choruses of THIS IS HER TRUTH drifting down from the rafters of the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party organization? This should be a joyous moment. Instead, it has now become part of the political football of this idiotic time we live in.


We should all be wishing Rep Whitsett, her husband, and all those that have come down with this the best of luck. There is so much we do not know yet about this virus and it will take many months to get a better idea.


In the meantime, Michigan Democrats should be encouraging discussion about all the things involving COVID-19 and how it is affecting everyone and not censuring anyone for it.


Just don’t do it on a golf cart on a golf course.


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