AOC Gets a Primary Challenge From Former CNBC Host

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Not Happy About This (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

This was bound to happen just because of the target on her back from bucking Pelosi and supporting Bernie. I would have never thought a former anchor on a financial network would take the progressive superstar on but welcome to the “Age of Trump” and just wait to be surprised.


Michelle Caruso-Cabrera had decided to throw her hat in the ring for the Democratic primary against A.O.C. and this is going to raise some interesting questions. First, let’s get some background from Caruso-Cabreras’ old network and see what is going on.


Former CNBC anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera will challenge progressive leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her Bronx-Queens seat in Congress, she said on Tuesday.

Caruso-Cabrera told CNBC she will make a primary bid for the seat, which Ocasio-Cortez won in a political earthquake in 2018. The congresswoman, popularly known as AOC, has become a leader of the progressive movement in the Democratic party in her year in Washington

“I am the daughter and granddaughter of working class Italian and Cuban immigrants,” Caruso-Cabrera said in a statement. “I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful career and I want everybody to have the opportunity that I’ve had. That’s why I’m running.”

So we have a battle shaping up of the ladies with the hyphenated names in the Bronx.


Ever since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez SHOCKED the world and beat Joe Crowley in the 2018 primary, she has been on the national radar. When a bartender beats a P.O.P. ( Pal Of Pelosi) not only will Democrats take notice but also their Republican counterparts. When A.O.C. got to Washington she had not yet found the bathroom, but she was giving ultimatums and gaining a media following.


Along with her fellow newcomers in the “Squad”, they have helped cause headaches for Madame Speaker and pushed the impeachment issue much farther than Nancy ever wanted too. When you do that as a Freshman you are going to ruffle some feathers and Cortez being primaried is not shocking in of itself.

Yet why would someone who on the surface seems not to fit into the Democratic mold challenge a super popular Congresscritter?

First off, no Republican would be able to win in this district. So just like the roadmap AOC used in 2018 to defeat Crowley if she is going to be taken out it would have to be done in the Dems primary.

So has a former anchor who is a polished media veteran been recruited to take on and possibly defeat a media darling? Has Michelle Caruso-Cabrera had any contact with anyone in the Democratic party? How about anyone in the leadership in the House of Representatives?

I have a feeling these questions are going to be asked and the answers will be interesting to hear along with this campaign unfolding. The dirty lil secret here is that A.O.C. could make a ton of money outside of Congress just like her hero Bernie Sanders but she seems to not care or know.


Get ready to watch this unfold over the spring and summer of 2020 along with all the other craziness and make sure to bring a lot of popcorn.

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