Video: Trump Supporters Clash With Never Trump "One of Them Going to Jail, One Going to the Cemetery"   

There must be an election or something coming up because it is getting heated out in the heartland.

Last Thursday, the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, made a stop at Dana, Inc. in Warren, Michigan, before heading to Iowa for a campaign rally. The President was touting the new trade deal he had signed the day before that replaced NAFTA.


Toledo Blade has some of the explanation for the visit.

Both Ohio and Michigan are poised to play a big role in the 2020 election. Warren, which is located in Macomb County, is the sort of blue-collar suburban community key to Mr. Trump’s viability in the Midwest. After Macomb County voted for Barack Obama in 2012, President Trump won here in 2016 with 53.6 percent of the vote, beating Hillary Clinton by more than 11 percentage points. The President won Michigan by a slim 11,000-vote margin in 2016.

The President on Thursday said politicians for decades have promised to do something about NAFTA in Michigan, but he painted himself as the first to deliver on that pledge.

“NAFTA was probably the worst trade deal made by any country and you saw it in Michigan maybe more than any other place,” he said. “This deal stops that. The jobs are coming back because they want to be where the action is, and the action is in this state.”

Now, it is not surprising that when ANY President shows up in a town you will have supporters and protestors arrive and share words. When it involves Donald Trump, though, you see supporters who are as animated as protestors and, in Warren, this was the case.

My friend Steve Trombley who is a photojournalist happened to be at the area outside where supporters and protestors were gathering and caught an exchange that is interesting.  The Trump people are on the left and the protestors are coming in on the right.


Take a guess who would go to jail and who would go into the ground.

The reason why I thought this clip was curious is this. We all know people who really cant stand POTUS #45 and they are not shy about it. That is fine and dandy by me, being as I love the First Amendment.

Yet the lefties who scream about the treatment of minorities seem to get really ticked when someone with darker skin pigmentation supports Trump. I hate to break it to you kids but have you seen the color of those running for the Democratic nomination for President? They are white and alabaster white and the average age is that of a nursing home in Florida.

So why the anger?

In the longer video below there is a gentleman who talks about why he feels the Democrats and socialism has never worked and won’t work here. Why anyone is pigeonholed on the discussion of ideas because of skin color is archaic and flat out wrong.

That anti-Trumpers would get bothered by the fact that someone is wearing a Trump hat and then want to take it off anyone’s head is very mean spirited. Also, then begging to get hit shows a lack of intelligence.

I’m seeing a pattern here, are you?

I get emotions getting all revved up but everyone needs to chill out a bit. You are not going to change someone’s mind by getting hurt about a hat being worn nor pleading to get punched. Stop hating on people you ASSUME should automatically think like you because of race or religion.


You look foolish doing it.

On second thought, forget I said anything.

Here is the full video from Steve Trombley Productions. Also in the video clip above, I apologize for the misspelling of his last name — I goofed.

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