New Rasmussen Poll Finds President Trump Up Six Points Since November.

Is this a trend for the future or just a bump in the road?

With the impeachment fiasco swirling all around Washington D.C. you know that everyone will be checking where the public polling is and the one poll everyone will watch is how President Trump’s approval rating is.


So far it is good news for Trump.

According to Newsmax

*52 percent approve of Trump’s performance.

*47 percent disapprove of Trump’s performance.

*38 percent strongly approve of Trump’s performance.

*40 percent strongly disapprove of Trump’s performance.

This compares to the daily tracking poll from November 26th at Rasmussen where Trump had a favorable of 46% and 36% strongly approving of the President and 44% strongly disapproving. So what exactly does this all mean?

Being that the President is up six points since the Nov 26th tracking poll, that indicates the impeachment hearings have had the opposite effect that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had hoped. The number here that I find most fascinating is that the strongly disapprove has dropped by almost the same amount (4 points) and that is a very good sign for the President.

When you STRONGLY DISAPPROVE of something it usually takes something pretty significant for you to change your mind. While Rasmussen does not ask if impeachment is the reason I think that is a logical assumption here. Couple that with the strong economy and you have a good report for Trump with this year winding down.


These things are, of course, very fickle and we have a long way to go in impeachment and the Dems picking a nominee still has not happened but as of now, things are looking positive for the Trump/Pence ticket in 2020.

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