CLIMATE SCARE FLASHBACK: Al Gore and an Inconvenient Forecast

Former Vice President Al Gore waves to members of the media after meeting with Ivanka Trump and President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower, Monday, Dec. 5, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

You do have to hand it to former Vice President and ohhhhhhhhhh so close to being the 43rd President, Al Gore. He picked one profession after politics in which you can lie and make even MORE money.


Props there, Albert.

As I have documented in my fun lil’ project about how people who have been predicting gloom forever on the climate have been fabulously wrong with my previous posts…

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People have been saying we are going to get too cold, too hot, and run out of water and oil forever. This seems like a trend to constantly get people worked up over nothing.

Now we come to the guy who literally reinvented himself after he lost the 2000 Presidential election and decided to stop talking about the “Social Security Lock Box” and focus on how in the hell to scare people on climate. He has succeeded to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and one of those Nobel Peace Prize things that President Obama got for breathing.

Albert got right to work after losing to the cowboy from Texas for the sweet gig that included getting free plane rides on that gas burning hog Air Force One and decided to make what can loosely be called a documentary. His film An Inconvenient Truth won an Academy Award for best ficti…errrrr Best Documentary and set off a firestorm of controversy.


In the film, Al talks about Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and how the melting of the snow on the mountain was helping cause catastrophe in Africa and even hurricanes that would attack the United States. Mostly because before the combustible engine, there were no hurricanes? Let me get back to you on that.

The trailer to the film is below.

This is Mt Kilimanjaro 30 years ago and last year, within in the decade there will be no more snows on Kilimanjaro.

( Time Stamp in video 5o seconds to 1 minute)

Now everyone always talks about his prediction in this film about the glaciers in the north and south poles being wrong but this example above is equally egregious.


He says that within the decade all the snow was going to be gone. Well, had Al taken some of that dough he made off this farce and gone back in May 2012 he would have seen this. Just Kilimanjaro and that it looked quite white and fluffy up there.

See the environment has things called cycles. This movie came on the heels of Hurricane Katrina devasting New Orleans in 2005 and one of the premises was that bigger and more frequent hurricanes were coming.

According to the NOAA the Atlantic averages about six hurricanes a year. Since 2013 this is how hurricanes have broken down each year.


2013 (2)
2014 (6)
2015 (4)
2016 (7)
2017 (10)
2018 (8)

According to Al and his pals’ theories, we should be at 10 to 12 hurricanes each year, all the snow on Mt Kilimanjaro should be gone, the glaciers should be melted and Florida should be underwater. Also, we should either be really hot or cold.

So we are right about average. Damn.

I do really give Al credit. He must have watched a lot of weather forecasts on his local channel, realized that they get paid well and are not always right and thought ” I can do that.” Really well played, Al.

I do have a suggestion for the next film though.

“An Inconvenient PSYCHE”

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