Joe Biden Has A New Campaign Slogan He Borrowed From Michael Avenatti


How can you not love Joe Biden and his fledgling campaign? From the issue of keeping his hands to himself or “borrowing” words and phrases from other people, he just can’t help himself and I can’t get enough of it.


Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both in Iowa today for a series of speeches and events that are the official, unofficial kick off to their 2020 faceoff against each other. Now I know that I might be counting my chickens too soon but you all know you want this to happen.

Joe kicked off his first event with the theme that he will be carrying throughout the primary season that is simply, “Donald Trump Sucks” and I’m the guy to beat him. Biden has already been skipping events where he knows he will have to fight other Dems and decided to play it safe by just going right after Trump.

However, good ole Uncle Joe who ran for his party’s nomination in 1988 and had to drop out for plagiarizing Neil Kinnock from Britan, has once again decided to borrow another slogan from someone who not only hated Donald Trump also but has endorsed the former Veep.

Still creepy but not a lawyer to a porn star anymore, Michael Avenatti.

According to Fox News

Former Vice President Joe Biden was applauded Tuesday by Democrats in Iowa when he slammed President Trump with his own twist on the president’s famous campaign slogan.

“He says, ‘let’s make America great again,’” Biden said of Trump in Ottumwa. “Let’s make America America again.”

Turns out, that’s not the first time voters have heard that line: Michael Avenatti, the anti-Trump lawyer who briefly promoted a possible Democratic presidential run of his own this year before being indicted on multiple charges, repeatedly used that same slogan in public remarks as he pushed back against Trump.

Avenatti most recently used the line – in endorsing Biden for president in April.

“I am extremely happy that @JoeBiden has decided to enter the race,” Avenatti tweeted at the time. “He offers Dems the very best chance in 2020, especially in key states. He has the fight, intelligence and fortitude to beat Trump and begin to make America, America again. He has my enthusiastic support.”


Isn’t he precious?

Biden has already been tagged this cycle for lifting some lines and now they decide to just go right to the guy who is in a helluva lot of trouble with Nike, Stormy and a bunch of others and just take his phrase. Who from the Hillary Clinton campaign did the Bernie Sanders camp plant in Joe’s? That person should win the campaign manager of the year.

Make America, America Again? How about making the last one of Joe Biden’s three campaigns run competently. You would think after 31 years of trying to do this you might have taken some notes on what NOT to do in the future but hey Joe, you gotta be you.

Really, who am I kidding? I’m going to root for this trainwreck of a campaign go all the way and then watch Trump taunt him about going behind a school to whoop his behind. Let’s do this ASAP.

We need to make America Laugh Again.

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