Chicago Top Cop: More Coming Out On Jussie Smollett

After a weekend of some pushback from the Smollett camp about maybe everything is not as it seems in the faux hate crime case, Chicago’s top cop said there is more evidence to come.


According to Variety…

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told “Good Morning America” on Monday that there is “a lot more evidence” to support the police case against Jussie Smollett for allegedly staging a hate crime attack last month.

“There’s a lot more evidence that hasn’t been presented yet, and does not support the version he gave,” Johnson told Robin Roberts. “There’s still a lot of physical evidence, video evidence and testimony that just simply does not support his version of what happened.”


As my colleagues, Elizabeth Vaughn and Sister Toldjah wrote here and here he was pleading with people he did not do this. These stories leaked over the weekend were undoubtedly by Jussie’s PR team trying to win some sort of victory in the realm of public opinion.

Superintendent Eddie Johnson was having none of that.

The core of this story is “IF” Smollett lied about a hate crime to bolster himself financially, what should be done to him in the penalty phase and how to treat this rush to judgment stories moving forward. Everyone jumped a bit quick on this one and the Covington kids story, but the smart, rational people pulled back as facts came in. Knowing we all can make mistakes is one thing but learning from those mistakes is quite another.


Will anyone from CNN actually learn from this?

Maybe, but I doubt it.

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