New Report....Grand Jury Will Get The Jussie Smollet Case Next Week

“Empire…Grand Jury” coming soon to Fox.

This has to be like a slow drip drip drip torture for Jussie Smollet with all these reports leaking out about what is coming next for him.


As I wrote here yesterday BREAKING: Actor Jussie Smollett LIED About Racial Attack. and the news keep leaking out slowly, all bad for him since.

According to Page Six a Grand jury is now going to be involved.

The Jussie Smollett case will go before a grand jury early next week, according to a new report.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that a panel will hear the case, but the outlet didn’t elaborate on who is facing charges — or what they might be.

The “Empire” star told cops he was assaulted in Chicago on Jan. 29 by two men spewing racist and homophobic slurs at him — but his story has since come under fire as sources have alleged to news outlets that he actually paid some pals to stage the whole thing.

The police have released the two brothers picked up on Wednesday that were allegdly involved in the attack. Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo are said to be cooperating with police and have not been charged with anything.

Smollet through his attorney had this to say…

“One of the brothers was his personal trainer, and the star finds it “impossible to believe that this person could have played a role in the crime against Jussie or would falsely claim Jussie’s complicity.”


If this Jussie guy is lying, he is really good at the acting thing.

This is a total who know what and if it is found that Smollet actually did this, part of his rehabilitation should be to explain to this country why he would do something like this. When you are a famous actor singer and pull a stunt like this to inflame racial tensions it is inexplicable.

Maybe someone could explain it to me but I might need a half bottle of a really good Bourbon to help with the reasoning.

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