Kavanaugh Accusers, Time to File Charges, Ladies

Days like these…..

Today has been an exhausting day from every aspect for those that pay attention to politics. The build-up to the Kavanaugh hearing tomorrow with Professor Ford to the revelation of PORN LAWYER’S client.


Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick Shows Why We Shouldn’t Automatically Trust Women

Also, the Trump press conference in New York will be studied for years.

This has been a draining day.

The spectacle of the Senate hearing tomorrow and the allegations being played out in the press has put official Washington D.C. in a bind and the rest of the country wondering who in the hell to blame on this.

So it is time for some straight talk as the late Sen.John McCain used to say.

This is for all the ladies that have come forward to claim Brett Kavanaugh is the most horrible person ever to be portrayed as a Boy Scout ever. Do you want the truth to come out? Do you want the American people to see what really happened? Then it is time you follow the example of what the ladies that were harmed by Bill Cosby did.

File a police report.

According to Legal match

Criminal Cases for Sexual Abuse

Criminal cases are filed by the State of Maryland on behalf of a victim. In order to file criminal charges, you must notify law enforcement of the sexual abuse. The authorities will investigate your claims and a prosecutor may file charges against your abuser. If a suspect is found guilty of criminal conduct, he or she may be sentenced to significant jail time and sex offender registration.

In Maryland, the criminal statute of limitations varies depending on the severity of the offense. The criminal statutes of limitations include:

Felony sexual offenses: no statute of limitations, and
Misdemeanor offenses: one year from the event.
If you need help determining the correct statute of limitations in your case, contact law enforcement immediately.


You say that you were abused? You can still file a criminal complaint.

A police investigation will also stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.  Sen. Flake, Sen. Collins and Sen. Murkowski would never dream of voting for a nominee that has an active criminal investigation going on.

So while people who act like they are concerned about sexual harassment go on T.V. and bellow about FBI investigations, why not do the real thing. The only thing that will stop this nomination from going forward and will put a bad Boy Scout behind bars and lose him his current job is a CRIMINAL investigation done by police where the alleged crime occurred.

File a criminal complaint and let’s see where the chips fall. Finally, put your mouth and pent-up righteous indignation on the legal line and show that you are serious about combatting sex harassment and not scoring PR points.

Unless, of course, you are worried about the penalty of filing a false police report.

In case you missed my other post on this subject Brett Kavanaugh Is A Better Human Being Than Senate Dems, So He Must Be Destroyed and my podcast Bourbon On The Rocks check it out and follow me on the twitters at IRISHDUKE2


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