Abortion Lobby Demands Dems KILL Kavanaugh Nomination. How Ironic.

How ironic, indeed.

I think we can now see the gig is up.

We no longer have to pretend that the Senate Democrats, the talking pundits on T.V. or John Legend and the Hollywood “We care more than you” crowd are interested in fairness. God knows the Hollywood crowd is not interested in sexual harassment with covering for Harvey Weinstein for all those years.


This is about abortion and the unbridled fear that Brett Kavanaugh might not find hidden in the crevices of the Consitution the right to it under any circumstances.

As my colleague, Brandon Morse wrote the other day in his piece on this, Democrat’s Attacks On Kavanaugh Are About Protecting Abortion, Not Sexual Assault Victims

The panic set in the moment Trump even glanced in Kavanaugh’s direction, and you can bet that much of what the left is doing to Kavanaugh now was a plan they had up their sleeves for weeks. Feinstein admitted as much by stating that she had this accusation about Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct in her possession for some time and said nothing about it until it was time to confirm him.

From the beginning, we heard foot stomping echoing from D.C. from the likes of NARAL, who were angry with Kavanaugh for disagreeing with his fellow judges that an illegal alien teen shouldn’t be able to get an abortion while in the custody of the United States in the Garza v Hargan case.

He is right.

After the hearings over 3 days for Judge Kavanaugh were complete and the Democrats did not lay a glove on him, they knew they had to step up their game to derail him. Sen. Feinstein was hoping that after she received the letter from Professor Ford someone else would come forward but no one ever did. So Dianne did what all good political hacks must do.


Throw someone under the bus and Ford was it. Professor Ford asked to keep her letter confidential but Kavanaugh needs to be stopped and sacrifices need to be made.

I held off on making a serious judgment about this and let it unfold. From the get-go, this looked like a political hit job but best to hold off until more of the story comes out. Rather quickly though the facts added up to what the headline says.

* Feinstein had this letter since the end of July and never mentioned it or brought it to the attention of the ranking member Sen. Grassley. She also never brought this up in her one-on-one meetings with Kavanaugh.

* Ford asked to be kept anonymous but someone on Feinstein’s staff or the Senator herself leaked this to get it out in the media. This is a horrible violation of trust.

*After saying at first she would testify at any time, Ford through her attorney decided to make a list of demands that needed to be met for her to feel comfortable telling something as simple as what she recalls.

I covered these demands yesterday here at Red State Kavanaugh Accusers List Of Demands, You Go First Brett

In those demands were listed these nuggets.

Only members of the committee — no lawyers — can question her; Kavanaugh cannot be in the room at the time; and Kavanaugh should be questioned first before he has the opportunity to hear Ford’s testimony.


*No Lawyers.

*Kavanaugh can’t be in the room.

*Kavanaugh should be questioned first, not the accuser.

This is not about getting the truth. You don’t have to make demands to just sit in front of a microphone and tell the truth.

This is about every one of those Senators not wanting to get left out of the money train from Planned Parenthood for not protecting this sacred “right.”

This is about those talking heads on T.V. who for any various reason want to feign outrage about things they have no idea were actually done but could give a rat’s #$% about the reputation of a person who has support from all over the political spectrum. The reams of background on Kavanaugh show that he is a solid jurist but an even better person and they can’t deal with that.

Abortion must be protected at any and all costs.

Don’t believe me? Ask anyone of these people via twitter, facebook or email if they are pro-abortion or pro-life. Let me know if the response you get back is under 99.9% pro-abortion at [email protected].

Those who are abortion advocates at any cost need to kill ANY nomination going forward that threatens this most “sacred” of rights that only came into existence legally in 1973.


Killing a person’s career or reputation in the process to defend this is all part of the game.

Right now, they are killing it and there is zero irony in that.

In case you missed my other post on this subject Brett Kavanaugh Is A Better Human Being Than Senate Dems, So He Must Be Destroyed and my podcast Bourbon On The Rocks check it out and follow me on the twitters at IRISHDUKE2 </strong


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