BREAKING: Disgraced Loudoun County Superintendent Indicted by a Grand Jury

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Scott Ziegler, the fired superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools, has been formally indicted by a special grand jury that was impaneled to investigate the gross mishandling of two sexual assaults that occurred on school property. Ziegler is charged with one count of misdemeanor false publication, one count of misdemeanor prohibited conduct, and one count of misdemeanor penalizing an employee for a court appearance. School spokesperson Wayde Byard is charged with one count of felony perjury.


Local Fox legal analyst Katie Barlow tweeted images of the indictments:

RedState has reported extensively on the blundering, woke Loudoun school officials who allowed a known sexual predator to remain in school (where he proceeded to assault another student), arrested the father of the first victim for daring to ask questions about what happened to his daughter, lied to parents about any sexual assaults taking place on school property and refused to take any responsibility for their demonstrated incompetence and deceit.

Ian Prior, head of Loudoun-based parent group Fight for Schools, told RedState of today’s developments:

“We will have more to say once the indictments are unsealed. However, we are beyond pleased that the families that were harmed by the egregious failures of the leadership of Loudoun County Public Schools, exacerbated by its repeated acts of deceit and dishonesty, will receive some measure of justice.

We also must recognize the parents in Loudoun County that have stood up for years highlighting the arrogance, incompetence, and gross neglect of those leaders. Those parents repeatedly took slings and arrows from the media, local elected officials, and others in their own community, for speaking truth to power – despite that, they never backed down.

Loudoun County should serve as a beacon of hope for the rest of the country. Citizens can band together and make a difference in the name of truth, justice, and accountability from their government.”


The indictment is a fall from grace for Wayde Byard, who’s facing the very serious charge of felony perjury. Byard is a bit of a cult figure amongst Loudoun County families because, as county spokesperson, it’s his monotone voice that sends out the automated phone messages to alert faculty and students when school is canceled due to snow. In the wake of the grand jury’s findings, however, he may soon be joining Ziegler on the unemployment line.

It should be noted that the special grand jury was impaneled by Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, who was elected last year in the Republican sweep that put Glenn Youngkin in the governor’s mansion and made Winsome Sears the commonwealth’s first woman lieutenant governor and first woman of color to hold statewide office in Virginia. While on the campaign trail last year, Miyares promised to use every weapon in his arsenal to investigate and bring accountability to public school systems that flagrantly violated parental rights and put students in danger. Miyares is a take-no-prisoners Republican in the vein of Ron DeSantis and is definitely a rising star in the party.



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