JUSTICE: Bully Cop Who Roughed Up Utah Nurse Loses Job

You’ve probably seen the video by now. A cop shows up at a Utah hospital to collect blood from an unconscious patient, then manhandles the nurse who correctly informs him he cannot legally take the blood.


The nurse, Alex Wubbels, behaved professionally. The bully copy, Jeff Payne, did not.

There is, of course, an internal police investigation into the multiple ways law enforcement failed the nurse, the patient, and the community. Payne has been suspended from the force, along with an unidentified colleague who was also present at the fracas, while the investigation plays out.

And now comes word that Payne has lost the second job he’s had for 34 years, that of an EMT/paramedic for a private ambulance company that contracts with Salt Lake City.

His employer, Gold Cross Ambulance, only became aware of the video last week, and promptly took action to sever their ties to Payne. Said Gold Cross president Mike Moffitt, “That’s not the way we conduct our business. That’s not the way we treat people in our city.”

Payne’s actions have reportedly strained the relationship between law enforcement and the University of Utah Hospital, with police now prohibited from entering patient care areas without first checking in and being escorted by a hospital administrator.

It remains to be seen if the Salt Lake City Police Department will follow the lead of Gold Cross Ambulance and fire Payne.


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