Watch Out, Conservative Media, Linda Sarsour is "Taking Names"

It was just last week that sharia-loving “activist” Linda Sarsour, one of the organizers of January’s Women’s March, called for jihad on Donald Trump. As a reminder, Sarsour is the decidedly un-feminist darling of the left who praises sharia law whilst failing to denounce the practice of female genital mutilation; she also once tweeted that two female anti-radical Islam activists didn’t “deserve to be women” and should have their vaginas taken away.


The left have, of course, tripped over one another in the race to defend Sarsour and her call for jihad against America’s president. For instance, this Buzzfeed reporter, a gay man who doesn’t seem to get that Sarsour is no friend to the gay community, called people “trash” for questioning Sarsour’s use of the word “jihad.”


Yes, that is the sad state of the American left.

Sarsour is again making headlines, this time to let the “right wing media” know that she’s “taking names” of those who are calling her out and letting them know they will “pay 4” their “lies.” Because she’s the victim here, dontcha know?


“Pay” being the operative word. Because, of course, she’s the real victim and these “prominent individuals” presumably have the deep pockets to “pay.”

Then there’s tweet from Sarsour:

We can all agree that children of public figures are rarely left unscathed for having a famous – or infamous – parent, but one wonders if Sarsour cared so much about the toll her call for jihad against his father would have on Barron Trump?


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