The NAACP vs. Black Americans

The NAACP has made it official: The Tea Party is racist. The attacks are driven by nothing but fear – the Democrats are terrified of the results of the November elections, and are in a visible tizzy. Black voters aren’t nearly as revved up without Barack Obama on the ballot, and stirring up racial tensions turns out Black voters, which helps Democrats. I reckon they figure that if they keep pounding this home, eventually it’ll stick – and Lord knows they’ve saturated the media with the meme.


Quick recap of what we’re dealing with on a media level now:

What the NAACP is doing is inciting racial tension, and it is not an accident. Anyone who is a part of this conservative groundswell can tell you that there is emphatically not a racial element behind the movement. However, since they thrive on racial tensions, this is their comfort zone. How better to destroy the largest threat to their vision of liberal utopia? What they fail to acknowledge is that they are also diminishing the real threats to racial equality in America by spending their time destroying those that aren’t truly racist.

Taking a quick look at the demographic breakdown of the United State explains a lot of the absence of color – simply put, 75% of the US population is still white, no matter how much the Left likes to pretend that it isn’t. A politically correct, racially equal group in a spontaneous groundswell of millions of Americans is just not possible… we’re certainly not bussing people in for racial diversity.

I have been to Tea Parties all over the country, speaking and helping coordinate them for over a year now, most effectively through FreedomWorks. You’d be hard pressed to find a monochromatic speaker lineup at any of these events, and the Black and Hispanic speakers at these events are never received with any hostility at all. I asked Herman Cain that specific question during an interview when I caught up with him in New Orleans – click to link to watch the video.


The true racism regarding the Tea Party movement comes from the outside. Black conservatives are marginalized, similar to the way the Left marginalizes conservative women – somehow, if you are a Black man or woman that adheres to conservative principles, you are a race traitor. A conservative women is a gender traitor – less of a woman in the eyes of a liberal, and therefore not included in their protected minority.

Since the glory days of the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s, the Democrats have laid claim to the Black vote. They have made it their mission to, in effect, own the minority vote, and they have done it well. The result has been a massive mount of entitlement spending, which is expanding every time we turn around. The current administration knows that they are in trouble with the constituencies they’ve purchased – so they’re upping the ante, and this has resulted in things like, oh, I don’t know – massive health care entitlements.

This has got to stop. For racism to be effectively addressed in our country, it needs to be called out when it’s relevant. Making false accusations for political purposes undermines the headway that the Civil Rights Act has made over the past 56 years, and is not furthering the equality of Black Americans.



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