OH, Sean... What Have You Done?

This will make for an interesting flow chart tonight.

During Monday’s hearing in a Manhattan federal court, longtime fixer personal attorney for Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, was ordered by U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood to reveal his mystery “third client.”


Yeah. It’s Sean Hannity.

In a court filing Monday, Cohen’s attorneys revealed that he had 10 clients from 2017 to 2018, including Trump, Elliott Broidy, the former deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee and an unidentified client.

Let’s see, Trump needed a couple of mistresses paid off, Broidy paid for a Playboy model’s abortion – What do you think Mr. “Let not your heart be troubled” needed “fixed”? Parking tickets?

“The third legal client directed Mr. Cohen to not to reveal the identity publicly,” Cohen’s lawyers wrote.

Hannity has simply stated that they’ve been friends for a long time, and he’s sought Cohen’s advice, on occasion.

Sure, Sean.

The story is still developing, but here’s a tip: Don’t tune in to Fox News if you want to find out what’s going on.


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