Hannity Blasts Robert Mueller, Warns of "Civil War" and Other Hyperbolic Nonsense

Just when you think Sean Hannity’s histrionics couldn’t be more over the top and ridiculous, he decides to ramp it up, several levels.

Hannity decided to use his Monday radio broadcast to lash out wildly at Robert Mueller. No doubt, this is all part of the new Trump strategy to go hard at special counsel, because, of course, a man without bone spurs, who actually faced combat and was decorated for his actions during war will surely wilt under the pressure of criticism from a thumb-shaped radio host.


In his Monday fit, Hannity suggested that if Mueller were to find anything against Trump during his probe, that it would be division and war in this nation, as never seen before.

From Mediaite:

“This country is headed towards a civil war in terms of two sides that are just hating each other and if Robert Mueller wants, there’s a big red button in the middle of the table,” he exclaimed. “And if Robert Mueller is so pompous and so arrogant and so power hungry and so corrupt that he’s going to hit the red button and he’s going to ignite a battle that we’ve not seen in this country before.”

Pompous, arrogant, power hungry, and corrupt… but he’s not talking about Donald Trump, here?

The prime idiocy here that Hannity is attempting to push on his listeners is that, somehow, Mueller is on a personal mission to bring down Trump, rather than being just a guy doing a job.

If the nation is headed for any sort of “civil war,” you can bet it’s talking heads like Hannity (on both sides of the political aisle) that are provoking it. It’s not Robert Mueller.

Hannity continued, “You think it’s, and I’m not talking about a war, I’m talking about, in terms of, there’s going to be two sides of this that are fighting and dividing this country at a level we’ve never seen and you’re going to basically have two sides in America, those that stand for truth and those that literally buy into the corrupt Deep State attacks against a duly elected president and that’s what it’s going to be.”


You mean like birtherism? Maybe you mean the 9/11 Truthers?

It’s as if he’s new to the political scene in America. With every new president, we’re one unpopular decision away from civil war. The so-called “Deep State” is just the latest boogeyman conjured up to sell ad spots on talk radio and in the case of Donald Trump, to cover his multitude of screw-ups.

By the way, do you notice how Hannity crafted his words to leave only a single conclusion? If you’re on the side of “truth,” then you’re a Trump loyalists. Anything short of total devotion to Trump, then you’re on the side of corruption.

How is that cartoonish level of hyperbole helpful? He’s not giving Americans any room to compromise or openly discuss what’s going on with where we are as a nation. He shuts down dialogue with his ridiculous ultimatums.

Do you want civil war, Sean? Because that’s how you get civil war.

Later on, Hannity disputed Mediaite’s version of what he said, feeling it necessary to clear up the context.


Yeah. Mashed potatoes.

That makes it better, right, Sean?


If people want to seriously get to work fixing this nation, it begins with turning off voices like that of Sean Hannity.

Extremists from either side are counterproductive to the growth and peace of this nation.


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