Top Trump Fundraiser Is Pimping Access to Trump and Cabinet Members

Who is Elliott Broidy?

Just make it a point to remember the name. You’ll see it again.

For now, it suffices to know he’s a top fundraiser for Donald Trump, and as it seems to be with most in Trump’s circle, his practices smell a little funky.


According to a new report, Broidy’s brand of “fundraising” is more along the lines of pimping access to Trump.

The New York Times reported that Elliott Broidy told clients and prospective customers of his defense contracting company, Circinus, that he could arrange meetings with Trump and administration officials.

Broidy also reportedly offered tickets to VIP inauguration events to a Congolese strongman. And he offered to help broker a meeting with Republican senators to an Angolan politician, according to the Times.

These kinds of shenanigans are apparently not a new thing with Broidy.

Back in 2009, he pleaded guilty to giving around $1 million to New York state officials, in order to score a $250 million contract with the state’s public pension fund for his company.

Shady. Real shady.

You would think with that in his background, the Trump administration would prefer an ample bit of daylight be left between Broidy and themselves, but that hasn’t been the case.

A Romanian parliamentarian facing corruption charges got an invitation to a party at Trump’s Washington Hotel.

Reportedly, the Trump administration knows that Broidy is mixing his business interests with administration interests, but they haven’t seen a need to stop him.


He’s been warned by others that he might be coming dangerously close to violating American lobbying or anti-corruption laws, but to date, he’s not letting it slow him up.

Broidy told the newspaper in a statement that his company’s success was a measure of him recruiting “the best people, including a number of former flag officers.”

“The idea that our success derives from activities around last year’s presidential inauguration is not only misplaced but insulting to the careers and capabilities of our highly trained and decorated veterans,” he said.

Yeah. Ok, guy. You hang on to that, right on up to the point where the authorities serve you with whatever paperwork is required to nail you to the door.


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