President Trump Doubles Down on His Awful Response to Domestic Violence

It’s as if he knows he’s done something awful, and rather than correct himself, he wants to double down on the ugly.

We saw it with Charlottesville, when President Trump’s initial reaction was to want to look at both sides (only one side had a member ram a car into a crowd of people, killing a young woman).


After being hammered for his first response, he made a second, angry, begrudging statement, repudiating the white nationalist element that had descended on Charlottesville, ripping the scab off of an already painful and inflamed time in our public debate. You could tell he didn’t want to, but somebody had pushed him to a “do-over.”

Now, we’re seeing it again, with his response to not one, but two members of his administration forced to step down, due to domestic violence in their past.

When he addressed the case of his now-former White House staff secretary, Rob Porter, he openly praised the man, wished him well, and said nothing of the 3 women. Two were former ex-wives who spoke with the FBI, initially, while background was gathered for Porter’s security clearance (which he couldn’t get), and then to the press. The third was an ex-girlfriend, who reached out to the wives, and spoke anonymously (she works for the federal government).

The story I brought this morning alleges that not only was Trump unconcerned with speaking against domestic violence publicly, but privately, he followed the cave dwellers’ sentiment that seems so present among his fanbase, and doubted the women (even with photo evidence and an order of protection available for evidence).

As if to cut off all the loyalists who scoff at the stories of Trump’s behavior relayed by “sources,” Trump doubles down on the suckage with a morning tweet:


Dude… I want to get where you’re coming from, but in this case, you’re wrong. Rob Porter is not the victim!

Even if there wasn’t photos and a past order of protection, domestic violence is a problem. It’s a serious matter and Rob Porter should never have been given access to the president.

Would he have harmed Trump?

Doubtful. Wife beaters are cowards and rarely raise their hands to other men.

Still, he has some issues, and if his ex-wives are correct, he’s done nothing to get treatment.

The proper response from the president should have been to speak out firmly, and unequivocally condemn domestic violence. Even if he didn’t mention the victims or Porter by name, his first and any subsequent statements should be to signal to the world that it is NOT ok to blame the victims.

And no, it’s not ok to make excuses for the perpetrators!

But that’s not what he did, because that’s not who he is.

Donald Trump is a horrible person.


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