CNN Gets Giddy Over North Korean Dictator's Kid Sister (and Social Media Responds Accordingly)

Just. Stop.

At this point, I’m embarrassed for CNN.

A piece over at CNN today, written by Brian Todd, Joe Sterling, and Sheena McKenzie (Not sure what’s going on with these tag team pieces) was a nauseating ode to the wonder of Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of dictator Kim Jong Un.


The title of the piece is, “Kim Jong Un’s Sister Is Stealing the Show at the Winter Olympics.”

It’s like they’ve forgotten that North Korea is a murderous regime that starves and tortures its own people, puts political dissidents in work camps, and is currently listed on the World Watch List of nations that have the worst Christian persecution at number 1. It has held that spot for some time, actually.

She may be more pleasant to deal with than her older brother, but her current position is head of North Korea’s propaganda office, so, it’s in her element.

Social media users were not kind, in pointing out how ludicrous the article is.

The spokeswoman for Vice President Pence, Alyssa Farah had a solemn reminder for CNN:


Oh, yeah. Remember him?

Blake Seitz, speechwriter for Utah Senator Mike Lee, had several astute observations:

Then there was this spot-on assessment of the media’s glee that Kim was apparently caught on camera giving “side-eye” to VP Pence:

Do better, CNN.



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