John Kelly on THE MEMO: Prepare to Be Underwhelmed

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has seen the Nunes memo, and according to a new report, he gives it a “Meh” rating, on a scale of Nothing Burger to Batten Down the Hatches.


According to a report from the Washington Post:

 Kelly delivered the memo to Trump on Wednesday, and the pair briefly discussed it before Trump read the document.

However, later that day, Kelly told Trump that making the memo public wouldn’t risk national security but that he didn’t believe the claims included in the document were as damning as GOP lawmakers had told Trump they would be, The Post reported.

The memo claims that the FBI and Department of Justice abused a warrantless surveillance program to survey former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

And members of the GOP have built up the hype around the memo to a fever pitch. The purpose being, perception is everything. It won’t matter if the memo is basically nothing, as long as you can convince the masses beforehand that whatever they see, no matter what, it’s a bombshell.

Some may escape the web, see it, and call it out for nothing, but others are so steeped in their partisanship that they don’t need to see it for it to confirm their beliefs. They had their mind made up about it, long before.


That’s how propaganda works.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department and FBI have expressed concerns about going public with a document that only gives partial information, and of that partial information, much of it is inaccurate.

They know what it was designed to do.

While the memo is likely the nothing that many are now saying it is, there will still be fallout.

It’s a distraction for the Trumpian faithful. It’s probably just a coincidence that Nunes decided to swiftly throw it together at a time when the intensity of Robert Mueller’s investigation seems to be tightening around Trump’s inner circle.



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